Your guy friend and YOU - friends or lovers?

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Ever heard your friends saying, that YOU and your best guy friend would make a great couple? Heard rumours about two of you dating? Or are YOU wondering what’s going on? Let's find out!

  • 1
    How does he act, when you’re around?
    How does he act, when you’re around?
  • 2
    What do you do after school?
    What do you do after school?
  • 3
    You enter the room and your best guy friend is over there. What happens?
    You enter the room and your best guy friend is over there. What happens?
  • 4
    There’s a party. What does he do?
    There’s a party. What does he do?
  • 5
    Have you ever had this feeling- I want to hug and kiss him right now?
    Have you ever had this feeling- I want to hug and kiss him right now?
  • 6
    Have you ever been to his place?
    Have you ever been to his place?
  • 7
    It’s your birthday! What does he do?
    It’s your birthday! What does he do?
  • 8
    What do you think he would do, when you'd be in trouble?
    What do you think he would do, when you'd be in trouble?
  • 9
    Do you have a lot in common?
    Do you have a lot in common?
  • 10
    What do you think- are you REALLY just friends?
    What do you think- are you REALLY just friends?

Comments (21)


A.Z (32653)
Maybe? Even this quiz is confused! How would I know!
ThePotatoFam (01168)
10 days ago
I think he likes me, he hugs me sometimes and he also pulls my hair. He also teases me about my height. We talk whenever we can, and his friends sometimes say "Oh I can see how you guys would be good for each other" Does he like me???
Just a clarinet section leader :> (04336)
13 days ago
I dunno if he likkess me..He gives me hugs sometimes, but he does that to other girls who are friends. But, he also does smooth tricks of holding my hand sometimes..But i dunno.
I'm a person (29619)
13 days ago
It says that we are almost in a relationship. I love him like a brother tho
Jeramiah (86131)
15 days ago
I thought this was 4 boys!!!’ But hey might as well make one or at least a guy quiz besides r u gay,does she like u, or do u know how to have 💗 or if u don’t know what that stands for hint bedroom together.
bubzz (45712)
40 days ago
me n him r just freinds nufting more okay they think cuz were always talking and fytin we lik each odah
ik who he likessssssssss xxx mezzzz
Anonymous (48361)
42 days ago
It said we are more than friends, I have a crush on my guy best friend, but I don't know if he feels the same way. If this quiz is right, he likes me (probably just really good at hiding it) but I don't want to rush our friendship. I'm going to wait and see for a little bit longer.
Anne (55159)
58 days ago
I feel good around my best friend
Faye (01962)
71 days ago
So me and this guy are friends, we hang out but it's kinds rare, I don't know how you would describe him but he likes to joke around a lot. When I go to football games or basketball games or even pep rallys I have a tendency to stay with him. I went to the homecoming game for my school and I ended up watching the game with him and almost falling asleep on his souder. Every other thing was the same but I never actually fell asleep. He never minds when I'm around him, and I'm comfortable with his friends, sometimes they are around him at games and stuff. I'm one of the shorter girls in my grade and he's about 6'0" keep in mind I'm 5'1" so he likes to make fun of me for being short. I enjoy his humor but when he looks at me he try's not to look at me too long. He prefers to talk to me but not look me in the eyes, he stands up for me. His personality is like he makes fun of everyone as a joke weather it's mean or not, but he won't do it to me he tells people to back off but he uses profanity when he says it. This quiz said for me to ask him but he's not open like that he wouldn't admit it. He's a great person all the way around though an he can be a bad kid but he has good intentions.
Maddie (83536)
71 days ago
I love my best friend but he is just a friend a best friend and I think it is better that way 💯💯💯💗😎😂🙄
Kaitlyn (42770)
103 days ago
Under what he does on your birthday I need the option: stands up and makes everyone start screaming happy birthday to you
Chethu (59013)
123 days ago
Am love with u
Alicia (05438)
129 days ago
We have known each other forever yet he shows nothing! Bur now he is flirting and acting like he wants to be more that a friend. CRAZY!
Sarah (68053)
167 days ago
I had Guy friend name Steven and eventually one of my friends told me he was a liar and he has a girlfriend but I was confused because he said he never has. I was not sure if he has a girlfriend or not. he knows that I was obsess with him and that I have a crush on him and I don't know how and really wanna know why.
Meg (10076)
193 days ago
We have none each other for over 5 years this month he is twelve and I am twelve . We are really good friends and we normal walk home with each other from school on are own and we both get on really well with each other.we didn't have any lessons with each other last year but we are getting are new timetable tomorrow so we might have lessons togther 🌠I wish we do!🌠


We were at the park yesterday with his friends and he stole my phone of me ad ran of with it to wind me up. I ran after him and he shouted so that his friends would 'your fit in both ways' 😲💪💯 when I got it back and he kept saying we both have to let go (its not frozen 😨) of it in three two one then we both held it still👐👐👐.
Then he...........................❤❤❤❤❤❤..............❤❤❤❤❤❤ grabbed onto my hand and smiled I smiled back at him 😃😄😄💑 .
We layed next to each other on grass and then his friends started saying ther was something going on and wolf whisling xx

We went to the park today again with his friends and we where laughing with each other and then he said your hot as well 💯🔥
Then his mum called him said he had to go in but he said to knock on him after xx✊👍👌
I stayed out with his friends and they said how's yours and jacks relationship going then do u think your going to kiss yet holy sugar honey ice tea !! I said 'what the hell are u on about'🙉
They said 'you where holding hands yesterday u have to addmit they is something going on and he said that u where fit in both ways and that u where hot jack wouldn't just saythat would he is that sort of person he talks about you 24/7 doesn't walk home with us so he can walk with comesout instead of doing his homework and gets regions he really likes u'💯🔥💯🔥❤🌍👫🔥💯xxx




oof (74782)
236 days ago
oof this is accurate i guess
La la land girl (59287)
327 days ago
It said I should talk to him about it but it didn't really give me an answer
InfiniteCrow (93584)
370 days ago
Me and my crush, (He has a crush on me too) are best friends. We don't want to date, (as far as I know) and he got me flowers last year on the last day of school. We literally chat for hours and hours, and are fantastic friends. I'm too scared to "go for it" and he is too. He REALLY likes me. I already knew, (obviously) but I just wanted to leave a comment on some 'love' quiz! Hope you have a fantabulous day! -Mads
Fhourtheen (35673)
631 days ago
still my bestfriend but i learn your quiz hehe
Blah (87425)
635 days ago
(Sry I don't feel like writing a real name so blah is blah) thank u so much for this quiz it helped me a lot! Eat that Nate! I told u he's more than a friend!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤