Which Quidditch Position Should you Play?

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Find out which position matches your personality in Harry Potter's wonderful sport of wizards!

  • 1
    Of the following, which is your favorite Muggle sport?
  • 2
    Draco Malfoy tries to hit your best friend with a leg-locker curse. You . . .
    Grab you friend by the wrist and . . . run!
    Whip out your wand and deflect the curse!
    Punch him in the face!
    Snatch Malfoy's wand out of his hands!
  • 3
    What is your greatest strength in Quidditch?
    Throwing the ball
    Catching the ball
    Hitting the ball
  • 4
    Do you play well under pressure?
    I often play my best under pressure
    I thrive in a crisis!
    Nice and steady wins the race
    No, I let others do the worrying
  • 5
    You're a professor at Hogwarts and Dumbledore asks you to help protect the Sorcerer's Stone. You . . .
    Set the stone in the center of a 10-mile maze
    Hide the Stone in a sea of Every Flavor Beans
    Curse the Stone to zap intruders with 1,000 volts of lightning
    Hire a sphinx to guard the Stone day and night
  • 6
    Marcus Flint almost knocks you off your broom. You . . .
    Steal the Quaffle right out of his hands
    Won't let him score again--that's for sure
    Look for the Snitch--this match is ending right here
    Smack a Bludger his way
  • 7
    Professor McGonagall assigns a group project during Transfiguration. You . . .
    Would rather work alone
    Quickly form a large group--you need all the help you can get
    Ask your best friend to partner with you
    Join a team, but worry that you'll do more than your fair share
  • 8
    If you could change on thing about Quidditch, you would . . .
    Eliminate fouls--anything goes
    Keep it the same--it's perfect
    Allow the Beaters to defend the Quaffle, too
    Give the Snitch a value of 50 points
  • 9
    Professor Snape gives you a "T" on your latest potion because it is a "deep lavender" instead of a "light periwinkle." You . . .
    Play catch with some friends--they'll hear you out
    Jog around the castle to clear your mind
    Keep it to yourself--dwelling on it will only make it worse
    Throw darts at your new Snape voodoo doll
  • 10
    Which position would you like to play?

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I wanna be a Chaser ( 69.20 )
Posted 78 days ago
I'm 40% Beater 30% Chaser 0% Keeper
Posted 131 days ago
I'm 40 percent chaser 30 percent beater 20 percent keeper and 10 percent seeker