You like her, but does she like you?

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You like this one chick and you can't get her out of you mind. You wonder does she like you?

  • 1
    A really hot chick that you know comes up to you, what does she do?
    She just totally blows me off and doesn't even notice me.
    She says hi and walks away
    She grabs me and pulls me into an alley way and starts Frenching me like no other.
    She comes up to me and says "Hey, how's it going?" and starts a conversation with me.
  • 2
    You invite this chick that you like to the dance. She says yes. At the dance what does she do with you?
    Me and her sneak outside and have some quality "fun".
    We get into this deep conversation about Pepsi and Coke.
    She leaves me to go hang out with her friends.
    We just dance and don't say much.
  • 3
    In the halls at school, your friend that just happens to be very hot, goes up to you and talks to you. Before the bell rings at the end of the conversation, what does she do?
    She doesn't say anything because she sees some of her other friends and says hi to them before the bell rings.
    She just says bye and walks off.
    She hugs me lightly and says "See you later".
    She hugs me really hard and gives me a light kiss on the lips.
  • 4
    You invite the girl you like over to your house on a Friday night to watch romantic movies. When she gets there you guys start watching. What does she do?
    She totally moves to the other side of the couch.
    She snuggles really close to me with her arms around me.
    She stares blankly at the TV screen with boredom.
    She falls asleep.
  • 5
    You and your girl friend go you a bar. You have a few drinks and so does she. The music starts. All of a sudden she runs onto the dance floor. What is she doing?
    She hooks up with this other guy and starts dancing with him.
    She is yelling at me to get my lazy butt over there and dance with her.
    She gives me the finger and starts kissing and dirty dancing with a guy in a bud light shirt.
  • 6
    Your eating lunch all by yourself and this really hot girl that you have never seen before comes and sits with you for the entire week. During this week what do you and her do?
    We talk about what is better, McDonalds or Wendy's.
    We get into this deep conversation about the meaning of love to us.
    We eat, say good bye and go our ways.
  • 7
    You and your girl friend are just walking around in public. Does she show any public displays of affection?
    No, she never has.
    Only when she thinks no one is looking.
    Heck yes she does. She like grabs me and kisses me on the lips all the time.
    Kind of, she grabs my hand and we walk like that for a while.
  • 8
    You and your date are at the movies on a double date with your friend Chuck and his girl. They want to sit in the back so you go with it. As soon as the movie starts they start making out. You and your girlfriend look. What happens next?
    She apologizes and says that she has to go.
    She moves a few seats away from all of us.
    I try the old "yawn" trick and put my arm around her shoulder and we just watch the movie.
    She looks at me all starry-eyed and I get the hint and we start making out.
  • 9
    You and your date are out to dinner at a really fancy restauraunt. After dinner what happens?
    We go back to my place and watch movies.
    I take her home.
    We go back to my or her place and get it on hard-core style.
  • 10
    How often does she want sex with you?
    None. Never. Zilch.
    Rarely. She's affectionate and all but when it comes to sex, she keeps her distance.
    Sometimes, depends on if she's in the mood.
    Almost all the time. It's like she can't get enough of me.

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