The Force Test

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This test is designed to tell you if you could become a great and noble Jedi Master, A Powerful and wise Jedi Knight. A Powerful and evil Sith Lord, Or Perhaps just a mighty Sith.

  • 1
    How would you fight a battle?
    A single Lightsaber
    Force Powers
    The Knowledge of the force
    With a Double Blade Lightsaber
  • 2
    What type of Lightsaber do you prefer?
    Dual Lightsabers
    Single Lightsaber
    Single Blade Lightsaber
    Short Lightsaber
  • 3
    What colour would your Lightsaber be?
  • 4
    How do defend yourself from an attacking Jedi/Sith?
    Force Lightning
    Force Shield
    Force Barrier
    Force Crush
  • 5
    If you had an apprentice, how would you train him/her?
    With Knowledge
    With Anger
    With Hatred
    With Strength
  • 6
    Your apprentice betrays you and becomes a Jedi/Sith, How would you retaliate?
    Kill him
    Cut him off from the force
    Destroy everything around him/her, then kill them slowly
    Fight him, but let him live
  • 7
    Which Prestige class do you like best?
    Jedi Master
    Sith Lord
    Sith Marauder
    Jedi Knight
  • 8
    How would you use the force?
    With Power
    With Power and Knowledge
    With Honour and Knowledge
    With Honour
  • 9
    Why would you use the force?
    To protect the innocent
    To keep the peace
    To try to become as powerful as possible
    To try to destroy the galaxy
  • 10
    Which is the most powerful?
    A Sith Lord
    A Sith Marauder
    A Jedi Master
    A Jedi Knight
  • 11
    If the council asked you to betray a friend, what would you do?
    Destroy them
    Remind them of the Jedi Code
    Tell them it is not the way of the Jedi but do it anyway
    There is no council, I destroyed them years ago
  • 12
    What drives you?
    The thought of peace
  • 13
    How do you deal with pain?
    Kill everything around you
    Kill those that get in your way
    Use the force to heal yourself
    Cope with it
  • 14
    Of these force powers, which is the strongest?
    Force Valor
    Force Heal
    Force Storm
    Force Crush
  • 15
    Do you have friends?
    Only a few
    Only as many as I can trust. I trust everyone
    No, they are my slaves
    Only those who value life
  • 16
    You see a Jedi/Sith, what do you do?
    Torture them, slowly killing them
    Capture and question them
    Kill Them
    Find out whether they are Jedi or Sith
  • 17
    If you had a choice, what would you be?
    Jedi Knight
    Dark Jedi
    Sith Lord
    Jedi Master
  • 18
    Would you ever train anyone who might become a threat to yourself or others like you?
    No, they might betray me
    I would consult the council first
    No, I like ruling the galaxy

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