What Personality Type Do You Have?

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10 Questions - Developed by: Bob Butch - Developed on: - 17.101 taken

Take this quiz to find out what personality type you have. It's short, only TEN questions, but it's very useful & fun!

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  • 1
    Think back to middle school for this situation.
    You are taking an important 1 hour 100 question test, and you notice 35 minutes into the test someone gets up and turns their test in. Two minutes later, another person finishes. How would you react?
    Who cares? It's just a test.
    I would make sure I have enough time left to finish the test, then adjust my speed accordingly
    I would get nervous and speed up in an attempt to be the next person to turn my test in
    I wouldn't even notice, I'd just keep on taking the test
  • 2
    You are assigned on a project, and you have a choice of the options given, which one would you choose?
    I'd work on a team and take control of it, I try to make myself "in-charge," and I would work my tail off (and expect everyone else to do the same) until the project is complete.
    I would work on my own, because I'm faster that way.
    I would work on a team and not do much, I'd just be lazy and make everyone else do my work for me
    I would work on a team and do my part
  • 3
    Are you a perfectionist?
    1-5, 1 being Definitely no, 5 being Definitely yes, 3 being sort-of.
  • 4
    You get the results back from your project, and find out you did very well. Your boss and co-workers congratulate you. How do you react?
    Who cares, it's just a project.
    I am still annoyed that I didn't do better.
    I am happy and proud, but still challenge myself to do even better next time
  • 5
    Imagine this situation:
    Your company is doing well and giving lots of bonuses to many people. Meanwhile, many your co-workers get a raise, and you get absolutely nothing. How would you react?

    I'd be angry and bitter, but I wouldn't work any harder or longer.
    I'd be glad for the people that got raises, and then work a little harder and longer hours hoping I could get one to.
    I'd be glad for the people that got raises, but I wouldn't work any harder.
    I'd be angry and bitter, and I'd work like crazy until I get that raise or bonus.
  • 6
    Do friends and family tell you to "slow down and take it easy" ever?
    fairly often
    All the time
  • 7
    Realistically, your goal is to...
    Not get put in jail
    Be OK at what I do
    Be one of the best at what I do
    Be by far the best at what I do
    Be very good at what I do
  • 8
    Do your personal relationships suffer because of your ambition to accomplish your goals no matter what gets in your way?
    No, people first, then my other goals
    yeah, every once on a while
    yes, all the time
    a little, sometimes
    yes, fairly often
  • 9
    How aggressive and assertive are you when you are attempting to accomplish a goal?
    I never walk on others just so that I may accomplish my goals.
    Fairly, I'll sometimes shove others out of the way so that I can accomplish my goals.
    Very, I'll walk over anyone in order to accomplish my goals.
    I will rarely do mean and rude things just so that I may accomplish my goals.
    I will do almost anything to avoid aggressiveness, I will even let others step on me. I am timid
  • 10
    If you are extremely stressed and tired while working one day, which of these best describes what you would do?
    I'd take a short coffee brake, then get back to work.
    No time to stop, I have to keep working, even if I'm very tired and exhausted.
    I'd go for a jog, go golfing, or spend time doing my favorite hobby.
    I'd take it easy, relax, rest, hit the couch with some munchies and turn on the TV.

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