Would you survive the End Of The World?

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See if you could survive the end of the world!

  • 1
    You hear on the news the Undead are rising, do you..
    Just sit there from shock
    Grab a knife from the draw and prepare for battle
    Call everyone you know and talk about it
  • 2
    You here sounds out side do you..
    Freak out and scream
    Grab the cordless and look outside while talking to family on the phone
    Grasp the knife in your hand and go outside
  • 3
    You go outside and find a dead cop with a pistol, you..
    Check the safety and reload
    Grab it and test it by shooting
    Don't pick it up just incase
    Bend down and see if the cop's still alive
  • 4
    A zombie starts walking towards you, you..
    Shoot it's legs of, it's not going to get you
    Shot him in the face
    Shoot it in the chest
  • 5
    You're sitting down watching T.V and you feel something breathing on you from behind, do you..
    Say not now Sweetie
    Turn around grab whatever it is by the neck and choke it to death
    Freak out BIG time and run without looking back
    Tell yourself it's just your imagination
  • 6
    You're friend just got bitten by a Zombie do you..
    Give them all the medicine you can find to make them better
    Shoot them in chest, that will do it
    Put a bullet in your friends head, that will stop them
    Can't take it anymore......you commit suicide
  • 7
    You and your friend are being chased by a hoard of Zombies, your friend gets tired he says "Go on without me" do you..
    Turn around and defend your friend with the gun you have
    Stay and await your fait with him
    Do what he said, leave him
  • 8
    You see 2 guns on the floor, 1's a flamethrower and 1's a shotgun do you...
    Pick the Flamethrower
    Continue without a gun
    Pick up the Shotgun
  • 9
    You are surrounded be Zombies, do you
    Try to wake yourself up
    Do nothing and face that you are going to die
    Start bashing as many as you can
  • 10
    You and your best friend are running into his house and your friend locks the door on you, you..
    Break through the window and yell at him for locking you out
    Break through the window and push him out side and lock him out
    Break through the window and kill him for doing that
  • 11
    You turn into a Zombie the first person you go to kill is..
    Your old teachers
    Your girl/boyfriend
    Those kids who picked on you for having an accent in high school
  • 12
    The army asks you to join you..
    Recommend your friends
    Say yes
    Say no
  • 13
    What would be the best weapon for long range?
    Machine gun
  • 14
    If you were in the Army you would be

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