How well do you know your FRIENDS on a scale 1-10?

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1.) You watch FRIENDS
2.) You take this quiz.
3.) You watch more FRIENDS and take my other quizzes.

  • 1
    When Rachel and Monica want to get their apartment back they _____________.
    Kiss for 1 minute
    Play foot-ball for it
    Kiss a girl from the Central Perk
    Kiss for 2 minutes
  • 2
    Chandler and Joey create a game called, ___________.
    Ultimate foose-ball
    Ultimate Flameball
  • 3
    Phoebe at first wanted to name one of Frank Jr. and Alice's children ____________.
    Lion Boy
    Frank Jr. Jr. Jr.
  • 4
    Ross in Emily get married in the _______________.
    5th season
    3rd season
    6th season
    10th season
  • 5
    Ross gets married and divorced to, _____________.
    Phoebe, Rachel, and Carol
    Carol, Emily, and Rachel
    Carol, Monica, and Mona
    Carol, Emily, and Mona
  • 6
    Joey is _________________.
  • 7
    Chandler proposes to Monica on the season finally of what season?
    6th season
    7th season
    97th season
    9th season
  • 8
    What is the first outfit we ever see Rachel wearing in the very 1st episode?
    A string bikini
    A wedding dress
    Her Birthday suit
    A raincoat
  • 9
    Which of these episodes even exist.
    The one with Phoebe's pet frog
    The one when Joey eats nothing
    The one with the Ball
    The one when Ross smokes
  • 10
    When the FRIENDS are playing the "Name the States Game" Joey gets ____ states.
  • 11
    When Ross organizes Joey and Chandler's refrigerator how many products are NOT expired?
    All of them
  • 12
    Phoebe drives _______________.
    an ice-cream truck
    her grandmother's old pick up truck
    a bike
    her grandmother's old taxi cab
  • 13
    Chandler gets married to Phoebe in what season?
    They don't get married!
    1st season
    8th season
    10th season
  • 14
    Rachel works at, __________________.
    she never works
    Blooming Dales, Ralph Lauren, Starbucks
    Blooming Dales, Ralph Lauren, The Central Perk
    Blooming Dales, Hollister, Wall-Mart
  • 15
    In the season finally Rachel goes to what country?
    She never leaves the United States.

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