Is your friend a true friend?

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You may think you have the best friend in the world, but you could be wrong. Take this quiz and find out if your friend is true.

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    Has your so called best friend EVER in the entire time that you've been friends called you a b****?
    Has your so called best friend EVER in the entire time that you've been friends called you a b****?

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chelsea (48716)
104 days ago
my friend is very mean she gets jealous when i hang out with my friends she needs help though
shaquinta (21270)
106 days ago
my best friend is kimberly coleman
shaquinta (21270)
106 days ago
I love my best friend
Sha belle (07876)
113 days ago
She is awesome 👏🏽 and she is so so so so so nice 😃😃😁😂😂🐇🐰❤️😃👍🏼👏🏽

❤️❤️ U can not steel her she's mine ❤️❤️

Thanks for everything Renna
Tyasia (91096)
117 days ago
My friend is the best friend in the world she will never do something rude to me in we will always be friends.👍ps. Best friends foever
jasmine (64899)
119 days ago
i am i a true friend
Hawa (85601)
120 days ago
This quiz is soo fake I DO NOT like it at all!!!
Melissa (69780)
125 days ago
We are soul sisters,our friendship is golden
shruha (56916)
144 days ago
Me and my bestie is soulmates so this quiz cannot decide about our friendship and result is so bestie is Best for me forever.this quiz i dont like and is fekol.
Kez (80043)
145 days ago
Um... the best friend is referred to as she... and on other quizzes there are only he/she... maybe add a they in there :)
And boyfriend? IM HELLA CONFURSRF WAHT DO I DO I HAVE A HIRLFRIEND?! I guess I should start with some spelling lessons
Alexis (24007)
147 days ago
I have known her for my whole life so we obviously have been in quite a few fights but this quiz doesn't help since me and her have a friendship that includes making fun of eachother for fun but its all jokes and she really helped me with a lot of my problems and she did so much for me.
ToadleyWaiting (53080)
150 days ago
Zooey yeah I have a good dudefriend too. We both have a mutual understanding that we do not like eachother like crushes, which is nice to have out of the way since that could be a major roadblock in the development of friendship
Zooey (75738)
153 days ago
I love my bff so much and we knew each other for 3 years and the quiz is BS and this quiz said I got 2/10 like hunnie, no! And we have helped each other with so much personal problems. Like he has helped me throughout my depression and I helped him for his depression and he helped me feel good about my weight and helped me so much and I love him to death so this quiz is not true
Zooey (75738)
153 days ago
Okay so my best friend is A GUY and like we aren't like brother and sister but like hellllaaa close nobody is closer than us. Like we are so frisking close and we fight all them time but the next day we dgaf and laugh abt it and we curse nonstop at each other but it's hysterical this quiz is bad. And like we say ily to each other and people find that weird I'm Iike no, if your true guy friend says ily to you and you say the same ITS REAL FRIENDHSHIP
Zoey (34104)
157 days ago
So my best friend and I were like sisters and stuff and like nothing was wrong and all of a sudden shes like ignoring me and uninviting me to her bday party.... And I was new, and I really trusted her and opened up to her. Was she fake?
maya (88474)
194 days ago
i love her with all my heart, i would give my life for her, she is such a true friend and i really hope we never forget each other or get in a fight and never talk. i only know her for 4 months but it feels like forever. ❤
Ashlei (88789)
196 days ago
I love my best friend so much like myy sister 💗😘
diya (05390)
206 days ago
Chelsea (55400)
209 days ago
We known each other since 1st grade and we are best friends
Ruchita (92535)
225 days ago
I love my BFF very much NEHA