A Hard Hamtaro Quiz

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Do you think you know everything about the Hamtaro show? This test is pretty difficult. But why not give it a try? If you could get a perfect mark on it, then you are a TRUE Hamtaro fan!

  • 1
    Before, when Laura and her family lived somewhere else, what kind of place does she lived in? (in episode #38 "The Precious Letter!")
    A medium-sized house, in a medium-sized city, beside a medium-sized hotel
    A mansion with a swimming pool outside
    An apartment with a large park beside it
    A big building, in a big city, and a big tree beside it
    A small house, in a small village, beside a small park
  • 2
    What does Laura's grandfather do?
    He's a repairman
    He's retired
    He's a farmer
    He's an inventor
    He's a cooker
  • 3
    In episode #17 "Hamtaro, the super Sleuth", What did Oxnard lost?
    His fork
    His spoon
    He lost nothing
    His sunflower seed
  • 4
    In episode #18 "The Slipper Chase", when Laura can't find one of her glass slipper, what did Mr. Youshi used for another glass slipper?
    They can't find another one
    His boot
    His flip-flop (some kind of sandal)
    His sneaker
  • 5
    Which person knows that the ham-hams can talk, but the ham-hams don't mind?
    Mr. Yoshi
  • 6
    What does Roberto calls Hamtaro?
    Roberto doesn't know Hamtaro
    Hamtaro, of course
    A rat
    A hamster
  • 7
    In episode #43 "The Great Chicken Chase", what did that girl who saved Mr. Yoshi from the chickens do to stop the chickens from running away?
    She didn't help at all
    She used a rope
    She caught them with her bare hands
    She used red bandanas to hypnotised them
    She made a trap
  • 8
    In episode #61 "Treasure Hunting", what was the treasure?
    A box with nothing in it
    Lots of sunflower seeds
    A box of gold and jewels
    An acorn necklace that says 'Viv + Me"
  • 9
    Who is Forrest's friend who is a writer that writes scary stories, works at the same company as Forrest, and lives in a HUGE mansion by himself?
    Philip Yoshi
    No one
    Conrad Iwata
    Gabriel Black
  • 10
    In episode #76 "Laura and the Seven Hamsters", what line do Sparkle say after every single line?
    Ah ha!
    Sparkle rules!
    I'm the best actor here!
    I hate you all!
    I'm the star of the show!
  • 11
    In episode #83 "Sunset Proposal", what was the chicken's name who tried to attack Mr. Yoshi?
    It has no name
  • 12
    In episode #83 "Laura's Valentine", which boxes has the chocolate and the candy?
    They never told us
    The one with the blue ribbon is the chocolate and the red one is the candy
    They both looked exactly the same
    The one with the red ribbon is the chocolate and the blue one is the candy
  • 13
    Besides Bijou, what other animal lives in the mansion, and what is the name of the animal?
    A cat named Violet
    A puppy named Princess
    Another hamster named Rose
    No other animal, except Bijou
  • 14
    In episode #88 "The Search for Spring", what was everybody looking for?
    Everyone was looking for Jasmine's dog, named Spring
    The hams were looking for the season and the kids were looking for Jasmine's dog, named Spring
    Everyone was looking for the season and Jasmine's dog, named Spring
    No one was looking for anything
    Everyone was looking for the season
  • 15
    Who is Sabu's girlfriend?
    He doesn't have a girlfriend
  • 16
    In episode #92 "Hannah's Big Crush", why did Hannah stopped liking Dexter?
    Hannah didn't like Dexter in the first place
    Because the ham-hams told Hannah that Dexter doesn't like her
    Because she think Dexter is a wimp
    Hannah still likes him
  • 17
    In episode # 100 "How to Rescue a Wedding"/"The Ham-Ham Wedding Rescue", what was the character Hamtaro was playing?
    The ring barrier
    The Best Man
  • 18
    In episode # 104 "The Milky Way", what did Hamtaro thought Laura was going?
    He thought Laura was going to the milky way
    He thought Laura was going to leave him
    Hamtaro never thought about Laura going anywhere
    He thought Laura was going to wish ON a star
  • 19
    In "Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games", what was the names of the Rainbow Girls?
    Bijou, Pashmina, and Sandy
    Daisy, Ivy, and Rosie
    Pashmina, Penelope, and Pepper
    Lazy, Lively, and Nosy
  • 20
    Last question, besides Laura, who else like Travis that has a name we know and is an pop star?
    No one else