Horror Flick Frenzy

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We all love Horror movies... Well most of us. And what's better then watching a spine chilling flick and being on the edge of your seat? I can't think of anything. But after all that intensive viewing, let's see how much you really know.

  • 1
    In the 2005 remake of The Amityville Horror, the phrase on the Lutz's fridge reads:
    Catch them & Kill them
    "HELP ME!"
    "Jodie wants to play"
    "GET OUT!"
  • 2
    In the original film The Amityville Horror the character George Lutz has a break down and screams these three words:
    "I'm coming apart!"
    "I hate it"
    "I've had it"
    "Lord help me!"
  • 3
    The horror flick " When a Stranger calls" is based on which Urban Legend?
    the kidney thief
    The Babysitter and the Stranger upstairs
    Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?
    The stranger in the back seat
  • 4
    The murders in the movie "Scream" begin to take place almost one year after who's murder?
    Deputy Dewey
    Sidney Prescott
    Maureen Prescott
    Gale Weathers
  • 5
    What is the key from " The Skeleton Key" known to do?
    opens every room in the home
    keeps the key holder out of danger
    unlocks the door to evil
    keeps evil locked up
  • 6
    The Texas Chainsaw massacre had a chainsaw welding maniac known by the name of?
    Chainsaw killer
    Leather skin
  • 7
    The movie "Final Destination" is a film based around cheating what?
  • 8
    In the original " The Amityville Horror" the priest comes to bless the Lutz's home and is advise to do what?
    "GET OUT!"
    read the bible
    Say more prayers
    "kill them"
  • 9
    In Scream 2 the killers are found out to be who?
    Mrs Loomis and Mickey
    Mickey and Billy
    Billy Loomis and Mrs Loomis
    Derrick and Mickey
  • 10
    The setting of Halloween 2 takes place where?
    On the street
    The hospital
    Micheal Meyers home
    Lauries's home
  • 11
    In the movie Carrie, Carrie White is covered in what substance while on stage at the prom?
    pig's blood
    human blood
    coloured corn syrup
    green slime
  • 12
    Michael Meyers spent years in a hospital after killing who at the age of six?
    his brother
    his mother
    his sister
    his cat
  • 13
    In Jason versus Freddy, Jason's biggest fear of what is revealed?
  • 14
    After being killed by the parents in the community Freddy Kruger vowed to get revenge on their children in their what?
  • 15
    SAW is based on a serial killer teaching his selected victims the value of what?