The Ultimate Randomness Test!

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20 Questions - Developed by: Natalie - Developed on: - 6.409 taken

You know how random people like me get when they're bored. Might want to sit firmly in your chair so you don't fall off. Let's C how u do!

  • 1
    Do llamas congregate on your lawn Tuesday evenings?
    Yes and I make sweaters out of their fur. That way I don't have to shop.
    Only when I left out some lasagna
    Um, well let's hope not. Do they?
    Why is my dog snoring by the closet
  • 2
    My birthday was yesterday.
    I see a llama on my lawn.
    Was it?
    No it wasn't.
    Good for you?
    REALLY? So was mine!
  • 3
    I forgot to put on makeup.
    This is a common scenario.
    So did I.
    I care?
    A lizard just stole my cheese...
  • 4
    Does a calico cat climb the elm trees and try to steal you at night?
    Is that a green balloon, because you don't see many--
    I hear soft music.
    Why would a kitty try to steal me from my bed
    It just so happens that elm trees don't live in my region.
  • 5
    How old are you?
    I miss Cameron.
    My mommy says I'm special.
    You're using it to get me in trouble, aren't you! *cries*
    I turned 1007 yesterday, it was fun.
    *looks at you suspiciously* Not sure if I should tell you that...
  • 6
    The psychiatrist is just down the street.
    That's nice?
    You could have told me sooner, then I might have been rescued!
    My webcam is sideways
    I know. She's my aunt.
    Don't make fun of her, she's my mom's best friend.
  • 7
    Did Garret help Noelle build a molecule?
    Yes but he didn't want to.
    The what now? Who are they?
    Um yah, biology class is always fun...
    How would I know.
    Wasn't my date supposed to pick me up last night?
  • 8
    Da ba too poo.
    COVER YOUR EARS, it's a trick!
    Me too.
    Want a tic tac?
    Is that even a question?
  • 9
    If you're bored and you know it...
    stomp your feet!
    the gummy bears ran out
    clap your hands?
    pet the rat
    take a quiz
  • 10
    I forget what I was going to say.
    Pop goes the weasel
    That is lovely
    Good, it was probably going to be stupid
    Me also
  • 11
    Do robins eat milk on the verandah?
    I didn't know milk could be eaten.
    My mom just called.
    It's a lovely day in the neighborhood
  • 12
    Are you done with this quiz?
    No, there are 8 questions left.
    Seeing as how I didn't want to take this quiz in the first place, it would be nice if this would be over soon.
    Give a dog a bone, this old man came rolling home
    Good idea. *exits*
    No, but I sure wish I was.
  • 13
    Pie is good!
    I wasn't aware that that was a question.
    I had some great duck last night.
  • 14
    Speakers are nice pets.
    Water bottles are better.
    I know, I like to put ears on them and name them Sally.
    Have you knighted a kitten before? I have. I did it with a purple pencil.
    Eek, do they bite?
    I'd rather have real pets, thank you.
  • 15
    Who is your favorite rapper?
    Eww I hate rap.
    Dally is listening to the wind chimes.
    50 cent
    The one in the ringtone ad at the top of the screen.
  • 16
    You see a girl at school with 12 feet of toilet paper on her sandal, what do you do.
    Tell her she's got something stuck to her shoe.
    Ewe, gross.
    A dream is a wish your heart makes, when your fast asleep...
    Help her get it off.
  • 17
    I plucked the chive out of the ground and it ate me?
    Did it now.
    Look what you've done, you've made a fool of everyone...
    Funny, there aren't many dead people who can talk.
  • 18
    There are 2 more questions after this one.
    Fine by me.
    I already knew that.
    Ew, a leaf splatted on the windshield.
    No there are 8, I counted myself.
  • 19
    Milo took a bath when I was trying to fall asleep.
    Did Otis also take a bath?
    Sounds like a poem.
    Your cat and mine have that in common.
    I want meow mix
    Is that so.
  • 20
    I got hit in the shin with acorn shrapnel.
    Now, why would an acorn explode in the first place.
    I listen to the radio, although not right now.
    Like John Kerry? Oh wait that was rice.
    Isn't this the last question? It is? YES!
    I think that happened to me once..

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