Will You Ever Have a Boyfriend?

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Most people get a boyfriend eventually, but this means in the near future.

  • 1
    What do you tend to look for in a potential boyfriend?
    It doesn't matter because everyone thinks I already have a boyfriend and they never ask me out.
    Hotness, what else?
    I want him to be sweet, protective of me, smart, and loving
    I don't really want a boyfriend...
  • 2
    What are people most likely to say about you?
    Everyone's afraid of me because they don't want rejection
    That I'm sweet, caring, lovable
    That I need to find someone to have a crush on
    Shallow, conceited, short-tempered, provocative
  • 3
    You have a crush but he hasn't asked you out. Why do you think this is?
    He thinks I'm too selfish
    Because I like him but don't want to go out with him and/or he doesn't like me
    He isn't ready because he hasn't got the courage
    He thinks I already have a boyfriend and/or he's afraid of rejection
  • 4
    Which is the most likely scenario for you on a Friday night?
    Stalking my crush at the mall/pizza place/football game etc./and him staring at you happily
    Having a one-night stand
    Staying home and going on Myspace
    Hanging out at a football game with my friends, seeing a movie, etc.
  • 5
    It's the last day of school and you plunk your yearbook down on his desk for him to sign it. He:
    Writes that he likes you, but in a disguised and not-very-straightforward way
    Writes have a good summer, don't change anything about you, while looking very happy
    Signs his name and hands your yearbook back politely
    Refuses to sign it
  • 6
    You are at the mall over the summer and happen to see your crush. He:
    Looks at you blankly and walks away
    Looks rather terrified and dumbstruck but manages a weak, nervous smile
    Smiles and says hi and/or talks to you
    Doesn't see you
  • 7
    You're talking to your crush when a hot girl walks by. He:
    Glances at her and continues talking
    Ignores her and keeps talking, more determined than before
    Walks away with the hot girl without saying a word
    Checks her out and then tells you he has to go
  • 8
    You are at a dance and without permission, your friend goes and asks if he'll go dance with you. He:
    Goes outside and calls his mom to pick him up
    Reluctantly dances with you and requests a partner switch before the song is over
    Dances with you, obviously
    Considers retching from nervousness, thinks better of it, smiles terrified-ly, looks for you, and puts his arms around you nervously while looking like the best thing in the world has just happened to him, which it probably has
  • 9
    If you are already dancing with your crush, he would:
    Kick you in the shin and run away laughing
    Simply keep dancing, smiling. Maybe talking occasionally.
    Keep looking over your shoulder at his friends and looking REALLY happy and a little nervous, looking at your friends once in a while, looking into your eyes at the most romantic parts of the song, and shifting his weight intermittently. His palms also feel very clammy.
    Um, I don't think I would be dancing with him...
  • 10
    If you were to ask your crush what are some good things about you, he might say:
    You're hot and that's IT.
    You're quiet and not annoying, also you're kind of cute.
    "Um...you're nice and...I LOVE YOU!" *bursts into tears* *bawls*
    Sweet, romantic, caring, loving