Just HOW paranoid are you?

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The title explains itself perfectly.

  • 1
    Your family member is moving away soon and the truck, which is being loaded, is on a downhill part of the street and you are standing on the back of it. You think:
    LA LA LA I'm bored....
    Oh crap! Oh no! The truck is going to roll away down the street even though it's parked with the emergency brake on and we're all going to die!
    This is fun...whee!
  • 2
    You then decide you would rather stand on the trailer that has the car on it. You stand on the front of it. You think:
    I'm still bored, if you didn't notice.
    This is also fun. I think I'll stay.
    AAAH! The car is going to break loose and run me over!
  • 3
    You hand in a test that was rather difficult. You think:
    No! I'll get an F, I just know it!
    That was a boring test.
    That was fun. Whee!
  • 4
    At a school dance, without permission, your friend goes and asks your crush to dance with you, and now he's coming toward you. You think:
    Crap! What if my breath smells? What if I trip? What if I retch? What if...
    Yes! This is such a precious, beautiful moment...savour it...just breathe...
  • 5
    You happen to see your crush at the mall. Your reaction:
    *sigh* Like this doesn't happen every day!
    No! Oh! No! Is my hair OK? Have I got anything in my teeth? Are my teeth yellow? Crap. I forgot to shave last night! This is a disaster!
    I'll do all right...think of something witty to say...oh, isn't life wonderful!
  • 6
    You just noticed that your closet light was left on while you were out getting the mail. You think:
    No! All the world's electricity will run out and it will be ALL my fault! Shoot, how could I be so stupid *cries*
    Light is pretty...
    Am I supposed to care? I could leave the light on fifty times that long while I was cleaning it an no one would care, so why should I?
  • 7
    My hobby is to put radios on shelves.
    No, the precious radios! What if they fell on the ground and broke? You should take better care of them than that!
    Is it? That sounds kind of boring!
    Hmm, that sounds fun. I think I'll try it.
  • 8
    Your dad makes you go down to the basement at night to put away some tents. You:
    are terrified that a serial killer or spider will jump out and eat you
    o0ooh I get some exercise. Maybe I'll see a hot guy. Life is fun. I already said that.
    think it's a boring job
  • 9
    You see your crush talking to some girls after school. You:
    Who CARES they're probably friends
    trust him and are confident that he has lots of female friends but loves you anyway
    Oh crap! What If he's going out with one of them! This sucks! I'll never have a chance with him! *tear*
  • 10
    Have you ever cried over a song?
    Yes! Because it made me think of my ex and how much we used to love each other...and then I was paranoid that someone would hear so I stopped!
    Yes, and they were tears of joy. Because it Reminded me of love's wonders and how lucky I am to love and be loved my such an amazing person...*sigh* How much I love him. I cry with joy more often than pain or hatred. It makes me HAPPEEEEE! Yay!
    No, why would I?

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