European History Quiz 1

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This quiz covers European History from the Reformation to the Industrial Revolution. See how much you know about this period in history

  • 1
    The English Reformation came about because _____.
    Philip II hated the pope
    Parliament wished to destroy the church
    Henry VIII wanted a new wife
  • 2
    The executive power under Louis XIV of France operated through four royal councils. Which council handled taxes and tariffs?
    Privy Council
    Council of Dispatch
    Council of Finance
    Council of State
  • 3
    The Glorious Revolution was significant for ____.
    Returning England to a Catholic Commonwealth
    Bloodlessly deposing James II in favor of William and Mary
    Restoring Charles II and the Stuart Dynasty to power
  • 4
    Louis XIV of France reduced the power of his nobles by ___.
    Keeping them away at battle
    Keeping them at court with trivial duties
    Bribing them with marriage alliances
  • 5
    The secret Treaty of Dover between Louis XIV of France and Charles II of England gave enough money to ___.
    Build a navy to fight the Dutch
    Persecute Catholics
    Rule without Parliament
  • 6
    The Toleration Act of 1689 granted religious freedom for everyone except for ___ and ___.
    Unitarians and Protestants
    Anglicans and Catholics
    Anglicans and Puritans
    Unitarians and Catholics
    Protestants and Catholics
  • 7
    Those massacred on St. Bartholomew's Day were ___.
  • 8
    In England, the Restoration refers to ___.
    A time of civil war and anarchy
    The return of the monarchy
    The end of the persecution of the Catholics
  • 9
    The incident that prompted the Glorious Revolution in 1688 was ___.
    A religious alliance with France
    The king's marriage to the Duchess of Orange
    The birth of a son to the king who would be raised a Catholic
  • 10
    Charles I of England ___.
    Was executed by his own people after the English Civil War
    Built a new palace after the Great London Fire
    Reigned peacefully for 42 years
  • 11
    In "The Spirit of the Laws" he argued that a government should respond to its environment.
  • 12
    In contrast to absolute monarchs, a constitutional monarch is limited by ____.
    His own sense of morality
    The law
  • 13
    The purpose of the Congress of Vienna was to ___.
    Squash the French Revolution
    Curb the British Empire's bid for power
    Rework European boundaries in the aftermath of Napoleon
  • 14
    Brazilian independence ____.
    Was resisted by Don Pedro and his Portuguese Army
    Came relatively peaceful
    Came as the result of a series of bloody battles
  • 15
    Napoleon failed to subdue the Russians in 1812 because ____.
    He was overextended and the Russians refused to surrender
    His army succumbed to the oppressive summer heat
    He could not break through the Russian defenses at Moscow
  • 16
    Although the new governments of Latin America called themselves republics, they were actually __.
  • 17
    This battle finally ended Napoleon's power and resulted in his banishment to St. Helena, where he died.
    Battle of Waterloo
    Battle of Austerlitz
    Battle of Berlin
  • 18
    The corrupt and inefficient government overthrown by Napoleon I.
    National Convention
    Council of Five Hundred
  • 19
    Czar Nicholas I of Russia created this division of the government to put down agitation and discontent.
    Third Estate
    Third Section
  • 20
    The 1848 upheavals in France led to the abdication and flight of this "Citizen King".
    Charles X
    Louis Philippe
    Louis XVI
  • 21
    In China, representatives of foreign countries had to perform this ritual by prostrating themselves on the floor before the emperor 3 times and knock their heads on the floor as a sign of submission.
  • 22
    It means rebirth and refers to the movement to win Italian unity and liberty.
  • 23
    This was the period of disillusioned conservatism that followed the Reign of Terror.
    18 Brumaire
    Thermidorian Reaction
  • 24
    These were Latin American military dictators who concentrated power in their own hands, rewriting or ignoring constitutions in the process.
  • 25
    The monarch who came to the throne once Napoleon was exiled to Elba.
    Louis Philippe
    Louis XVIII
    Charles X

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