Does your girlfriend really love you?

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Guys, let your girlfriend take this quiz to see if their love for you is real, or not. This quiz is VERY accurate. Any comments, please e-mail me.

  • 1
    How do you feel when your boyfriend comes into the room?
    My heart starts to flutter... he's so.... adorable!
    My heart starts to hurt... I love him so much!
    My heart starts beating madly... don't tell me that he's already found out that I was making out with Tim last night!
    Am I supposed to feel anything?
    I wave and continue what I'm doing, positive that he'll come over to say 'hi' first
  • 2
    What does "love" mean to you?
    It's just a word!
    I say it to my teddy bear at night. Does it count?
    Its a word I use to express myself when I'm in the 'mood'
    Its a word I use to get my boyfriend into bed
    Its a feeling I have for those who I really really care about
  • 3
    How often do you think of your boyfriend?
    At night, then I start to miss him so much that I wish that he was right beside me, even though we just came back from the party together!
    Most of the time
    Every time I watch a love movie, and when I do, all I want to do is make out.
    Every now and then
  • 4
    What is his best feature that attracts you most?
    His *sighs* eyes and personality
    Everything! He's the 3-in-1!
    His lips (man, they're kissable) and biceps woohoo!
    His ass *winks*
    His hair and ears
  • 5
    What do you do when you see some hot chicks flirting with your guy?
    He can do whatever he likes
    I walk right up to them, slap them across the face and drag my boo home with me by the ear
    I'm OK with it. After all, he only loves me, and he and I know it.
    Will they please please PLEASE do me a favour and hook up with him so that I can go out with Tim instead?
    Tears well up in my eyes and I start crying and I run back home to lick my wounds
  • 6
    What's your idea of a 'free day'?
    Taking my boyfriend out to the mall with me to get a manicure
    A day out with the girls
    Sleeping at home the whole day, then shopping at the mall with mom
    A date with him. Nowadays, its hard to get time alone with each other...
    Maybe check out that cute guy at the cash register *winks*
  • 7
    Be honest now, what are you thinking when you both are on the phone?
    I'm deeply into the conversation
    Thinking about tomorrow's party and Chelsea's house
    About that cute guy at Burger King... he asked me for my number! Will this idiot get off so that that cute guy can call?
    About what to wear to grandpa's dinner next week
  • 8
    What's the first thing that comes to mind when he gives you flowers?
    What am I supposed to give in return?
    What did he do this time?
    Aw... that's so sweet!
    Hm... I'm getting suspicious...
    He doesn't
  • 9
    If the whole world was against you being together with him, what would be your first move?
    Dump him! DUH!
    I really don't know... give me time to think about it
    Who cares about what the world thinks? I love him, and that's all that matters! Nothing is going to ruin our marriage plans!
    Nothing is going to change my love for him
  • 10
    You've finally gotten that job at Chic Boutique, who do you call first?
    Daddy and mommy! They'd be glad to know that I won't spend their money anymore....
    My cousin Andrea. Muahahahhaa, lets see her eat her heart out. I got chosen! Nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh
    Him of course. Then we'd both go out to dinner to celebrate
  • 11
    Can you see a future with him?
    Ewwww grosss! How could you think that far?
    Yes I can, marraige, 5 kids, me as his personal secretary, and frequent trips to Hawaii
    Er... does dating him for the whole of next week count?
    I really dont know... but all I know is that I love him a lot now
  • 12
    When he's sick, what do you do?
    Call him the whole day, and practically forget that he needs his rest.
    Go over with my special chicken soup... and pray he doesnt get worse after drinking it
    Stay away, DUH! Want me to risk getting his nasty infections?
    Spend the whole day with him, even if it means risking my job
  • 13
    Almost done, girl... now, tell the truth, do you love your boyfriend?
    I don't know, does he love me, first?
    Of course I do! Why else would I take this quiz?
    As much as I love snakes
    Yes, I can't see myself with anyone else... he's so wonderful!
  • 14
    Do you think of him every night?
    I have better things to think about
    That and more
    Nope. Tim's much better in bed
    DUH! But only at night.. *blush*
    In my dreams... does that count?
  • 15
    Last one, now be honest here, would you ever die for your man?
    Oh yes, but he probably would die for me too, so we both will end up saving each other, resulting in both our deaths
    Why don't you ask him to die for me instead?
    Um... depends on how he's gonna die... I'd avoid drowning and anything to do with fire
    Of course I would, I love him that much!