True Love Test

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Is your relationship one made in heaven? Will it last? Are you the perfect couple? Or do you need to do some work? This test asks all the right questions to give you a truly accurate result.

  • 1
    How long have you two been together?
    Less than a month
    6 - 9 months
    1-3 months
    4-6 months
    10 months or more
  • 2
    Do you find yourself fantasizing about kissing, making out, or having sex with them?
    they don't turn me off, but I'm not really turned on by them, either
    yes, there's a lot of physical chemistry
    no, I don't really enjoy touching them in a sexual way
  • 3
    Do you ever talk about the future of your relationship?
    yeah, we've talked about what it would be like to be married/with kids/living together, etc
    yeah, we've actually talked about dog types and kid names and family values.... All that stuff
    no, we just kind of go with the flow
    sometimes we make plans for something that won't take place for a month or so...
  • 4
    Have they seen you at your worst and vice-verca? (ie - when you're puking or when you've just had your wisdom teeth out and are all puffy, or when you reek of BO and haven't brushed your teeth for days....
    kind of, but not to an extreme. Maybe a little bit of BO or lack of make up or something
    nope, never
    Yeah, we've seen each other in some pretty bad states, but it really hasn't changed our feelings towards each other....
    yep, we've seen each other in some pretty gross situations, and it's kind of made the whole sex-appeal thing a little difficult to keep
  • 5
    When you think about Christmas/birthday gifts for them, can you think of something they would want or like?
    I have a pretty good feel for their personality and interests, plus I know what they already have. So yeah, I'm pretty set.
    I kind of have some generic ideas, but I don't have anything that really sticks out in my mind
    A mixture of answers 3 and 4 - They've talked about what they want, AND I know their interests and such
    they're always talking about things they want, so I have a pretty good idea...
    I'm so clueless.
  • 6
    How often do you spend time together?
    Sometimes we go for weeks without each other
    Every day.
    we don't live together, but we spend time together about five times a week.
    When we can. We're both pretty busy, but we try to make time.
    we live together, but the amount of time we actually spend together doing relationship-y things is probably not every day. maybe three or four times a week
  • 7
    If you have an embarrassing illness... Do you tell them?
    Yeah, I tell them. I need someone to talk to about it, and they're always really reassuring.
    I only tell them if it's going to affect them - like an std. Otherwise I'd rather not bring stuff like that up
    I usually bring it up because I figure I kind of have to, but it's pretty awkward
    Sometimes, but not always.
    Nope. Never.
  • 8
    Do you talk about past relationships?
    Naw. What's in the past belongs in the past.
    Nope. It's never come up.
    Yep. It gives me better insight as to what kind of person they are
    Nope. There are no past relationships.
    Yeah. It kind of leads to jealousy, but we still do it.
  • 9
    Do you talk about sexual responsibilities? What to do in the case of an accidental pregnancy? Get tested for STDs together?
    Oh yeah. We've covered all the bases there. I'm not going to take chances.
    Sort of, sort of not. We've talked about it, but not tackled it and come up with perfect answers.
    We don't need to worry about that yet; we're still in the kissing phase, and aren't getting it out of it anytime soon.
    We haven't talked about it. I just take care of myself and make sure nothing can happen.
  • 10
    So. What's the sex like?
    So-So. We do it fairly often, and it's usually OK.
    Good. We do it fairly often, and it's usually really great.
    Bad. Either we don't do it enough, or it just isn't all that fun.
    So-So. We do it when we can, and it's great when we DO find time.
    We haven't gotten to that point in our relationship yet.
  • 11
    What's the money situation like?
    Sometimes I treat them; sometimes they treat me
    We tend to split bills
    Whoever has more money at the time pays.
    They always pay
    I always pay
  • 12
    What about alone time?
    We only do alone stuff
    We only do group stuff
    We usually spend time alone, but sometimes we do group stuff
    We spend about an equal amount of time alone together and in a group of friends
  • 13
    What's the conversation like?
    We have moments of silence, but it's never awkward. We have interesting conversations sometimes, but sometimes we've just exhausted topics.
    We don't talk too much.
    It's always about silly, fun stuff.
    It's always about our relationship and other serious stuff.
    Great. We never run out of things to say!
  • 14
    Do you trust each other?
    We're both kind of insecure and have trust issues, even if in reality, neither of us would ever cheat.
    Sometimes we get jealous, but deep down, we have trust.
    We've actually caught each other cheating.
    We don't trust each other.
    We usually trust each other, although we occasionally get suspicious
  • 15
    Do you ever have romantic moments?
    No - we're past that stage
    We're always doing sweet romantic things like sending flowers.
    No - we never got into that.
    Once in a blue moon, one of us will do something sweet, like send "anonymous" flowers or have a kidnapping which leads to a surprise dinner. However, this doesn't happen all that often.
  • 16
    Are you ever embarrassed around them (like if you farted in front of them or did something else you're self conscious about)
  • 17
    What are your arguments usually like?
    Often, and only about silly things. We sometimes resolve them
    Rare, and only about silly things. We usually resolve them.
    Rare, and only about serious things. We always resolve them
    Often, and only about serious things. We sometimes resolve them
    Who cares? They're never resolved, at any rate.
  • 18
    When did you first say "I love you" to each other?
    After six months
    Before the first month was up
    Before six months
    Within the first three months
    One of us hasn't yet
  • 19
    How often do you tell each other "I love you"?
    Once a week
    Now and then
    A lot.
    At least once a day, but not constantly.
    Haven't said it once yet.