Which member of THE STIFFNESS are you most like?

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Answer the following questions and discover which of the “stiffies” you are.

  • 1
    It is Friday. THE STIFFNESS is supposed to have practice. Do you…
    …want to practice, but want to hurry up so you can go be with your girl.
    …don’t want to practice because you are tired.
    …want to practice to get better for the upcoming show & practice your “rock-jumps.”
  • 2
    You are a member of THE STIFFNESS, thus, you are going to fuck up some-how. Will you…
    Forget the new rhythm to the ending of the new song.
    Be ready to play, and suddenly realize you don’t have any picks.
    Break a string during the first song.
  • 3
    You haven’t practiced yet because everyone is fucking hungry (a.k.a.-all of the time) and everyone has little-to-no money. Do you…
    Have money and don’t share it with Mike
    Yell at Joey for being the only one with money, and tell him he is a stingy bastard for not sharing.
    Watch Joey and Mike argue like retards and while their not paying attention, steal money out of “the stiffness fund.”
  • 4
    You find out another band is talking shit about you. Do you…
    Play it safe and see what happens to Mike first.
    Agree with the shit-talkers.
    Not think, and start talking shit back, only to realize everyone in the band is in college and twice your size and weight.
  • 5
    You are bored. There is nothing to do within reach. Do you…
    Try and talk Joey into driving you to the golf course to swing your troubles away on the green.
    Turn up the volume on the TV as Joey and Mike yell about god-knows-what.
    Want to do something, but only unless someone else drives, or we all walk.
  • 6
    You break a string/stick while playing. Do you...
    wait for the bridge, run, grab another guitar. (mess around in the mean-time so it doesn't look like your totally panicking)
    Rip off the string; find all the notes by ear on "a" instead of "e."
    realize you are screwed and hope that Joey and Mike don't chew you out too much.
  • 7
    The President calls your house. Do you...
    start talking to him, pondering whether or not to tell him how you REALLY feel about his presidency.
    call Joey and mike retards because it is only a recording.
    hang up immediately because you think the CIA is after you.
  • 8
    You run into a lot of money. Do you
    spend it on expensive clothes, food, and gifts for the girl
    buy what you have been needing, and don't tell mike you found money so he wont bug you.
    buy stuff that YOU want.
  • 9
    Its summer. Do you
    Look for a job so no one will bug you about it, but never get one.
    Get a job (full time)
    sleep in until twelve thirty every morning.
  • 10
    You are in THE STIFFNESS because...
    you love music; the stage is a drug and i am higher than the fucking stratosphere
    want to become famous (fingers crossed)
    like the fact that chicks dig drummers.

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