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Are you a spanker? Then this quiz is for you!

  • 1
    Your little boy just ate a cookie when you told him numerous times NOT to even go near the jar. What do you do?
    I just ignore him. Boys will be boys.
    I yank him by his ear. Then I yank down his pants and underwear and I give him the beating of his life!
    I just sit him down on my lap and say, "Now good little boys mind their mommas."
  • 2
    You are in Walmart. Your daughter keeps whining that she wants this new Cinderella castle. You are getting frustrated. You have told her No more than once. She persists. What do you do?
    I ignore her. I really don't know what to do.
    I yank down her pants and underwear right there and I whack her good with my belt/hair brush! I smack her bare butt until it and her face are bright red and she is sobbing!
    I give in. I rush over and give her the toy.
  • 3
    You are going on a date with your lover. The kids are at home with the baby sitter. What type of baby sitter do you prefer?
    I make sure that the baby sitter has a paddle with a hole, a switch, and a belt.
    I don't pay much attention to that stuff.
    I would like one that is soft and not too harsh.
  • 4
    What do you think of bare butt spanking?
    I think it is mean. Kids should not go through such embarrassment.
    I use it every time I spank my children! The humiliation does them good!
    I don't know what to think.
  • 5
    How do YOU spank?
    I don't know what I do. I just don't do anything, I guess.
    Well, I take the little brats right where they are. I bare their butts and whack them with whatever I have in hand. I whack them so hard that their butts are bright red. Their faces are beet red because they feel so embarrassed! I make sure to do this in front of others to enhance their embarrassment.
    I don't. We talk. It works for us.
  • 6
    What types of tools do you use while spanking?
    I don't use any because I don't spank.
    I use belts, switches, hair brushes, and paddles. I always use the hook part of the belt cause it hurts more.
    I don't know.
  • 7
    Do you enjoy humiliating your child?
    I took my little boy outside in the front yard and bared his butt and spanked him with a switch. A few people drove by and his face was as red as red could be. Ever since then he has not sassed back at me once. So if humiliation works, I will do it.
    No, I believe that is the wrong way to earn respect and only develops fear.
    I am not sure. I don't think I would like it.
  • 8
    Have you ever been spanked?
    I don't know.
    Yes, I was. I am a better person now because of it.
    Yes, but it damaged me beyond words.
  • 9
    How often do you spank?
    I never do. We talk.
    Uh. I don't know.
    All the time. Little offenses get 5 whacks. Bigger offenses get 50 or more whacks. All bare butt and public.
  • 10
    Have you ever caused a bruise on your child's butt?
    I have never bruised my child, but I have made his butt redder than a beet and his face too.
    I don't know.
  • 11
    If they put spanking back into schools, what would you think?
    I wouldn't care.
    That is horrible! Those poor children!
    I would be shouting! Yes!
  • 12
    You are in a store and see a child being spanked. What do you do?
    I root that momma and ask to give the kid a few bare butt whacks myself.
    I just walk away. None of my business.
    I glare at the mother and tell her how cruel that was.
  • 13
    Is it ever ok to spank with pants on?
    Spanking is wrong!
    Indeed. It should always be bare and in the utmost embarrassing way.
    I don't care.
  • 14
    Tell me of your own spanking experience with your child.
    Well my little girl once sassed at me and called me a fat momma. So I took her in the front room and yanked her pants and underwear down in front of everyone. Then I gave her the spanking of her life! She was sobbing and so humiliated! Everyone was laughing at her. She even peed on herself
    I never spanked my children.
  • 15
    End. What do you think?
    I think spankers are CRUEL!
    Go away.
    I think every child should be bare butt spanked in front of others until they are beet red and sobbing and their butts are red and they beg for mercy!

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