Spells, Charms and Curses Quiz (Harry Potter)

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30 Questions - Developed by: Chelra - Developed on: - 26.622 taken

A good challenge (hopefully) for die-hard Harry Potter fans.... be honest now, no cheating: D

  • 1
    "Tergeo" is the spell for...
    Cleaning grass stains from something
    Causing toe nails to grow
    Removing unwanted grass and weeds
    Cleaning blood from something
    Removing unwanted bricks or rubble
  • 2
    If I wanted to summon an object, I would say...
  • 3
    The counter-spell to "Levicorpus" is...
  • 4
    What does a "Horton-Keitch Braking Charm" do?
    Protects someone who is riding a broomstick
    Speeds up broomsticks
    Slows down broomsticks
    Prevents broomsticks from breaking
  • 5
    An "Impervius" charm...
    ...makes an object unbreakable
    ...makes an object turn to ice
    ...makes an object resistant to fire
    ...makes an object resistant to water
  • 6
    Saying "Incendio" would
    Create heat
    Put out Fire
    Create lava
    Create fire
  • 7
    The "Obliviate" spell...
    Will totally destroy objects
    Will erase someone's memory
    Will erase ink
    Will destroy someone's soul
  • 8
    The "Anapneo" spell does what?
    Clears a person's airways so they can breathe
    Clears a person's mind so they can think
    Clears a person's stomach so they can eat more
    Clears a person's ears so they can hear
  • 9
    If I wanted to magically seal a door, I would say...
    "Infinite Impedimentia"
    "Infinite Colloportus"
  • 10
    The "Disillusion" spell...
    Hides things from sight
    Is a method of divination
    Creates false memories
    Lets you read a person's thoughts
  • 11
    A Patronus reflects what?
    The caster's happy memories and personality
    The caster's happy memories
    The caster's favourite animal
    The caster's personality
  • 12
    Causes one thing to attack another thing
    Causes something to injure itself
    Causes people to speak backwards
    Makes objects bounce up and down
  • 13
    If I wanted to project heat and or sparks from the tip of my wand, I would say...
  • 14
    "Stupefy" is a stunning-spell....what colour light does it produce?
  • 15
    "Specialis Revelio"...
    Reveals invisible ink
    Can disguise anything
    Makes ink invisible
    Reveals anything hidden by magic
  • 16
    What does a "shock spell" do?
    Treats a patient for shock
    Shocks (scares) someone
    Nothing, it isn't a real spell
    Shocks (electrically) someone
  • 17
    If I wanted to create a magical shield to protect me, I would use
    The "Protean" charm
    The "Ennervate" spell
    The "Impervious" spell
    The "Protego" spell
  • 18
    If I wanted to make a person become covered with boils, I would say
  • 19
    The "Evanesco" spell...
    Re-hydrates a de-hydrated person
    Revives unconscious people
    Makes something vanish
    Creates a blinding light
  • 20
    If I was really thirsty, what spell would make me able to fill a cup with water?
  • 21
    Saying "Tarantallegra" would make...
    A victims legs dance uncontrollably
    Spiders swarm around a victim
    A victims arms wave around uncontrollably
    Invisible ink visible again
  • 22
    A "Stealth Sensoring Spell"...
    Detects wrongful behaviour and notifies the caster
    Makes a person able to see thinks that have been magically hidden
    Makes a person able to lie without being detected
    Detects when a person is lying to the caster of the spell
  • 23
    If a dark wizard wanted deeply wound someone's body, they would say....
  • 24
    To draw lines of fire with my wand, I would...
    Say "Flagrate"
    Use a "Flame-Freezing" charm
    Say "Incendio"
    Use a "Hot Air" charm
  • 25
    Saying "Episkey"
    Unveils hidden pathways
    Locates missing keys
    Heals broken bones
    Is used to get rid of pixies
  • 26
    To break an object or separate something, I would say
  • 27
    What does a "Langlock" spell do?
    Makes a person's jaw become stuck closed
    Makes a person's tongue stick to the top of their mouth
    Makes a person's tongue stick out
    Makes a person's jaw become stuck open
  • 28
    Makes voices extremely loud
    Creates a loud buzzing noise
    Creates total silence
    Makes voices sound muffled
  • 29
    To make a person's legs stick together, one would say...
    "Locomotor Mortis"
    "Locomotor Segmentus"
    "Locomotor Legs"
    "Locomotor Deductus"
  • 30
    To turn an object into a portkey, I would say...
    "Porteus Incantatem"
    "Portus Incantatem"

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