Which (Women Only) Rent Character Are You?

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13 Questions - Developed by: Cassie Casiano - The quiz is developed on: - 11.418 taken

Alphabet City is packed with interesting women of varying sexual orientations, occupations and hobbies. Which one are you?

  • 1
    Which is an outfit you are most likely to wear to an illegal breaking and entering/New Years Party?
    You don't break and enter, especially not when there are society parties to attend.
    Black leather pants and corset, cat ears and a tail
    Business Casual
    Full Out Bond Girl Costume
    Faux Leopard Fur
  • 2
    Your Ideal Significant Other is...
    An Unemployed Artist with Similar Baggage as Yourself
    A Selfish Drama Queen for you to spoil
    A total Lap Dog Slave... for a price
    A Kindhearted Intellectual Anarchist
    Someone Who Lives to Serve You and only You (Bonus if they can fix Speaker Systems)
  • 3
    Your Weapon of Choice is...
    Make Love, Not War
    Money Makes Everything Go Away
    Your Legal Knowledge
  • 4
    Your Parents...
    Gave you everything but their time. You are now rebelling.
    Disowned You Years Ago, But You Carry No Ill Will
    Loving Married Parents Embarrassed by Your "Lifestyle"
    Who Cares?
    Single Spanish Mami
  • 5
    When it comes to Sex...
    Only with your Honeybear
    Yes! The More Creative the Better
    Strictly Missionary
    Sex Sells, and You Ooze Sexuality
    Sex is great, but you prefer kisses
  • 6
    How do you feel about drugs?
    Some Maryjane for your pain... and some for fun too
    Cocaine, Valium, Qualudes
    You've got a stash of horse, but no heat with which to freebase it
    Maybe a little THC, but the rest is trouble
    Whatever's Popular
  • 7
    When you get upset you...
    pout until you get your way
    turn to drugs or an ex boyfriend
    overanalyze and go into debate mode
    Cut off the allowance
    Confide in your lover
  • 8
    Your idea of a fun night out consists of...
    A society benefit
    Karaoke...with you doing all the performing
    You can have fun anywhere doing anything
    A small intimate dinner with the one you love
    A Dark Bar or Loud Club with a man
  • 9
    Your philosophy on life is best summed up by the lyrics...
    "Never quit. I follow through."
    "Give into love, or live in fear"
    "A tiger in a cage can never see the sun"
    You missed the show (A "death in the family")
    "I'll cover you"
  • 10
    Your nickname is...
    Feline of Avenue B
  • 11
    Your hobbies include...
    You've done it all and are going back for more
    Showing your Akita, Evita.
    Performance Art
    The Tango
  • 12
    If your lover leaves you it's because...
    you fired him
    You were too controlling
    he's afraid
    You cheated
    one of you dies
  • 13
    How do you measure a year?
    Journeys to plan
    In the times that she cried
    In the truths that you learned
    In contracts and dollars
    In the bridges you burned