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I'm obsessed with Harry Potter. You better know your stuff to be taking this. Good luck. You'll need it. This Quiz has questions on the movies AND the books, so get ready.


  • 1
    In Goblet of Fire, what does Harry wear under his dress robes that makes Moody smirk?
    His Quidditch Robes
    Funny patterned Underwear
  • 2
    In Sorcerer's Stone, ho does Harry accuse of trying to steal the stone?
  • 3
    In Order of the Phoenix, what does Harry believe that Snape is trying to do to him during the Occlumency lessons?
    Try and help him close it
    Tap in to his memories
    Open his mind further
  • 4
    In Prisoner of Azkaban, who is framed for the Potter's death?
    Sirius Black
    Remus Lupin
    Severus Snape
    Petter Pettigrew
  • 5
    In Chamber of Secrets, what does Dumbledore send to help Harry while fighting the Basilisk?
    The Sorting Hat and Fawkes
    Gryffindor's sword and Fawkes
    Gryffindor's sword and the Sorting Hat
  • 6
    In the movie Prisoner of Azkaban, what does Harry throw at Malfoy near the Shrieking Shack?
  • 7
    In Sorcerer's Stone movie, what did Hermone tell Ron he had on his nose?
  • 8
    In Chamber of Secrets movie, what was Harry angry about when Hermione told is about how she will be making the Polyjuice Potion?
    She may not be able to make it because it's too complicated
    It wouldn't be done in time
    It would take a Month to make
  • 9
    Why does Ron get mad at Harry in Goblet of Fire?
    Ron wanted to be Hogwarts Champion
    Ron wanted Harry to tell him how he got his name in the Goblet
    Because Ron thinks Harry put his name in the Goblet
  • 10
    What is the 'Levicorpus' spell do?
    Hangs the victim by their ankles in midair
    Floats objects
    Makes objects zoom around the room
  • 11
    When does Harry kiss Ginny in HBP?
    After Harry caught the snitch in the first Quidditch game
    After Harry found out Ginny broke up with Dean
    After Gryffindor won the Quidditch Match Harry couldn't attend
  • 12
    Why do Hermione and Ron fight in HBP?
    Ron is angry that Hermione confounded McLaggen
    Hermione is angry/jealous at the Lavender/Ron relationship
    Ron is angry that Hermione didn't ask him to Slughorn's Xmas Party
  • 13
    When do Ginny and Harry break up in HBP?
    during the final Quidditch match
    On the train ride home
    During Dumbledore's Funeral
  • 14
    In OotP, what is the address of The Order of the Phoenix headquarters?
    The Burrow
    11 Grimmauld Place
    12, Grimmauld Place
  • 15
    In HBP, what does Harry find Trelawney doing when on his way to Dumbledore's office?
    Making another Prediction
    Going to the bathroom
    Hiding her Sherry bottles

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