Which Horror Movie Villain Would Kill You?

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This is a quiz with an unhappy ending. By taking this quiz, you understand (like I do) that you’re no match for anything with clawed hands, razor-sharp teeth, burned skin or gets up after you kill it. Or maybe you would like to go down swinging and are just curious about your best death match. Well, this quiz offers you more insight on this matter by revealing which horror movie villain is best suited to kill you. Just answer these highly scientific, deeply researched questions and discover which horror movie villain would end your days.

  • 1
    A complete stranger walks over to you while you are waiting to cross the street and stomps on your foot. After wincing in pain, you…
    …hobble away as quickly as possible, trying to lose the stranger in the open traffic.
    …demand an explanation from the stranger before you spray him down with a bottle of Uncle Pete’s Atomic Fire Sauce that you keep handy for occasions just like this.
    …raise your good foot and bring it crashing down on the stranger’s toes. Next smack is to the face.
    …fall to the ground, screaming and wait for an ambulance to arrive. Claim it on your insurance, sue the stranger for every penny he’s worth and live the American dream.
    …chop the stranger in the throat, force him to the ground, shove his head into the open traffic, and wait for a large truck to drive by.
  • 2
    You are merrily chasing a butterfly when you suddenly find yourself standing on the edge of a sheer cliff and teetering. Carefully, you…
    …lean back until you fall on your back and NOT off the cliff.
    …keep looking for that damn butterfly. How he flew off with your keys is still beyond you.
    …step back and hope the butterfly doesn’t try anything funny.
    …make use of your only defensive strategy: freeze.
    …hop back from the edge and go find some cats to throw off the cliff.
  • 3
    The same annoying, teen-inspired pop song is playing on every station you turn to on your stereo. You reach down to the radio and…
    …slide one of your CD’s into the deck, cleansing your speakers of the insignificant squeals of a sad icon.
    …turn it off. Traffic is bad enough without the latest keyboard creation playing on repeat, thanks.
    …tear off the tuner knob, screaming as you hurl it out the window.
    …turn up the volume and force your pitiful passengers to listen to the song. Call the station and request it over and over. Their pained expressions are thanks enough.
    …turn down the volume. You just want background music anyway. (and secretly you like it… don’t you?)
  • 4
    Hollywood has decided to go ahead and make a movie about you. Based on your life and using a little artistic license, they come up with this title:
    “The Day They Woke Me Up Too Early (and Died)”
    “As Good As It Gets”
    “Office Space II: The Lumberg Assassination ”
    “[Insert Your Name]: A Series of Unfortunate Events”
    “Not Enough Meds: Portrait of a Serial Killer”
  • 5
    You are picking up change on the side of the freeway for no good reason and come upon a cat that has been struck by a vehicle. It appears to be alive, but in pain, so you…
    …realize the poor critter will die regardless and choose not to endanger yourself by jumping in the middle of traffic.
    …pull him clear of the road and check his injuries and if need be, finish him off.
    …keep walking (and feel glad it’s Whiskers guts lying on the road and not yours).
    …call animal control and try to mark the spot to make it easier to find.
    …take the change you’ve been collecting and use the helpless kitty for target practice.
  • 6
    You are happily engaged in one of your favorite “that’s-not-good-for-you” habits when some know-it-all walks up and begins preaching about how bad that is for you. You calmly turn to this person and…
    …remind them that it’s your life and they can go be perfect somewhere else.
    …tell them to shut up. That’s right, shut the hell up.
    …agree that your habit is not great, but at least you don‘t tell other people what to do.
    …silence him or her once and for all. Place the body with the others.
    …agree whole-heartedly and then wait for the person to leave before resuming.
  • 7
    You’re buying your weekly groceries at the ABC store when you find a ten dollar bill lying on the ground. Without hesitating, you…
    …snatch the cash and stuff it in your pocket. Good score.
    …“accidentally” drop your keys and recover them along with the money (and buy that bottle of Crown you can now afford, you shameless bastard)
    …grab the money and follow the moron who dropped it out to his car, and then mug him for the rest of his money and his booze. (Leave body in the car and scribble out a quick suicide note.)
    …take the ten bucks and ask the people in the store if they lost anything and make them say what (if nobody claims the cash, finders keepers)
    …call out to the guy walking out and ask him if he dropped the money. It sucks, but it’s the right thing to do.
  • 8
    Gather your dignity and be honest about your bedroom. At this moment, what condition is it in?
    “No one is allowed in my room. That is its condition.”
    “Just the way I left it: messy. Got a problem with that?”
    “It‘s a mild disaster, but it looks good when I know someone’s coming over… most of the time.”
    “Mattress is on the floor, there’s a small lamp and a bag of chips next to the pile of dirty clothes.”
    “It’s not bad. The sheets are clean and the laundry is put away. What about your room, Quiz-Maker?”
  • 9
    You are a melting snowman (don’t ask me) and a wizard (again, keep it to yourself) has granted you one day to be free and live like a normal person. This first thing you do is…
    …find a group of kids and shove carrots in their faces and see how they like it.
    …find the neighborhood dog who has been using you as a urinal and beat him with a stick.
    …take off that ridiculous scarf and hat, then go find something that matches your coal eyes better.
    …catch a flight to the North Pole and ensure you won’t have to worry about melting anymore.
    …sit down. You’ve been standing all winter, so for just one moment you want to get off your feet.
  • 10
    Dating seems to have run into a dead end for you. What happened?
    It’s all their fault. I’m a good lover.
    There’s nobody out there right now for me, only trash and baggage. Just laying low until they pass.
    The authorities found the remains of my ex and that’s put a damper on my love-life…
    I just hit a slump. I don’t know what the hell’s going on. Love stinks.
    I found someone. No need to date when you already have someone.
  • 11
    How does this little quiz tickle your fancy so far?
    Um… I don’t get it. What does this question have to do with anything?
    I would be more “tickled” if you got to the point and told me the results, punk.
    I like it. It’s funny and not too obvious. A bit wordy, but otherwise okay.
    I’ve had more fun barbequing live hamsters, but I’m still curious about the results.
    So far so good, but the real satisfaction comes from the final answer…
  • 12
    Every self-respecting quiz has a word association question and so here’s mine: Frankenstein is to an angry mob as Britney Spears is to…
    …her own fans.
    …me on a Tuesday with a spade rake and five minutes to spare.
    …the pointy end of my steel-toed boots.
    …paparazzi and the media.
  • 13
    Is it better to feel no pain, dance in the rain, live off gain, have no shame or know your name?
    Is someone running out of ideas for questions? This is getting sad…
    Can I choose a combo? I’d want at least two of those, cause one just won’t cut it.
    You forgot kill and maim. I think it’s better to kill and maim. Dance in the rain isn’t bad as a second choice, but I’d definitely go with kill and maim as my first…
    I think it’s better not to rhyme your questions. Lame, very lame.
    I will smash your face in a windshield if you ask another stupid question like that!

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