Are You a Push-Over?

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Do you let people walk all over you or are you a little bit too aggressive? Take this quiz to find out.

  • 1
    You're at school when someone walks up to you. He tells you to give him your books so he can rip the pages. What do you do?
    I kick him where the sun doesn't shine 10 times.
    I hand the books over.
    I firmly say, No. Then I walk away.
  • 2
    Today in band class the teacher makes fun of your playing. You have been trying really hard to learn to pray the trumpet. He says it sounds like a sick cow. Now what?
    I storm up to him and blast my trumpet really loud in his ear. He won't do that ever again!
    I say nothing and hang my head in shame.
    I tell him that I have been practicing and what he said really hurt my feelings.
  • 3
    Your mom thinks you are on drugs just because your friends are doing them. She says she is going to spank you just in case. What are you going to do?
    You take your spanking.
    I walk to my mom and scream in her face, "Mom! I am not doing drugs! Have you ever heard of getting PROOF first? How about asking? Is that TOO hard? You SUCK, man!"
    I calmly tell her that I have not been doing drugs and to please check out first if I have before assuming I have.
  • 4
    Your friend accuses you of stealing her favorite Ipod. She is really angry at you and won't talk to you. What do you do?
    I scream in her face and tell her I won't be her friend anymore.
    I tell her I am sorry that it is lost but that I did not do it.
    I continue to let her accuse me.
  • 5
    You are playing at the park. An older girl walks by and yanks down your pants and underwear. The other kids laugh at you. You turn beet red. What now?
    I run away sobbing in tears. I never confront her.
    I grab that girl and tie her to the monkey bars then I strip her totally naked and hit her where the sun don't shine.
    I calm down and tell her that really hurt and embarrassed me and was totally uncalled for.
  • 6
    Your little sister has left without flushing again. Your older brother comes in and screams. He thinks you did it. He grabs you by the ear and starts hitting you. Ok, what you going to do?
    I let him beat me up and say nothing afterwards.
    I overtake him and beat the living daylights out of him!
    I wait until he is done and tell him that I did not do it. That our sister did it.
  • 7
    A senior at school rights a mean letter to the principal. He signs it with your name. The principal calls you into his office. The letter said the principal was a fat old goat. The principal says you have 2 weeks detention. What are you to do?
    I turn red and nod. I spend the next 2 weeks in detention.
    I calmly tell him that I never wrote such a letter and have him compare the writing to my writing.
    I throw down my books and look in his eye and tell him how he should get his facts straight.
  • 8
    You have Care Bear/Spider Man bedsheets. A rumor is spread in school. Now everyone says Care Bear Stare!/I can feel my spidey senses tingling at you. What you gonna do?
    I tell them that it hurts me and to back off.
    I just stand there and take it.
    I announce all their secrets over the school's intercom.
  • 9
    Today you are shopping with a friend for a new pair of pants. You find out that your size 10 has become a size 14. This really shocks you. Your friend says you probably have your own zip code. Now what?
    I tell my friend the meanest insults I can think of then I punch him in the mouth.
    I tell him firmly that really hurt my feelings and if he were my friend, he wouldn't act like such a jerk.
    I turn red and let him get by with insulting me.
  • 10
    Your little brother tells everyone in his school that you love Barney. You really hate his guts. Now he wants you to wear a Barney costume at the school's costume party day. What are you going to do?
    I yell at him for saying such lies and then I give him a bare butt spanking and tell him if he tells mom then next time he will get whipped.
    I tell him that I know he loves Barney, but he should not go around telling everyone things about me unless he asks me first.
    I dress up as Barney and go to his school.
  • 11
    During your Birthday your Grandma takes you on her lap. She rocks you and sings Happy Birthday. Next she gives you a Birthday Tickle. What happens next?
    Despite my shame. I grin and bear it.
    I get off her lap and scream at the top of my lungs how I am not a little baby any more.
    I wait until she is done then I tell her calmly that I know she loves me, but that I have grown up and that makes me feel uncomfortable.
  • 12
    Your dad just let this really nasty fart in the living room then he leaves. Your cousin, who is visiting, enters. He sees you sitting in there. He glares at you and says you must have done it. What you going to do?
    I tell him that his uncle farted in here and left the room.
    I get up and yank down my pants and moon him.
    I turn red and avoid eye contact.
  • 13
    Several boys just TPed a teacher's house. The teacher thinks you did it too. You, however, were at home the whole time. He calls your parents. You parents are about to whip your bare butt. What now?
    I yell in his face to get his facts straight. I yell in my parent's face that if they ever do that they will wish they were never born.
    I take my whipping and cry all night.
    I tell him that I am sorry and my mom too for what happened, but that I did not do it.
  • 14
    Your mom comes home from a bad day at work. She growls at you. You did nothing wrong. What will you do now?
    I would let her growl at me. She needs to vent her stress.
    I push her up against a wall and yell at her that it was not my fault that her day went bad.
    I wait until she is calm and then I tell her that I am sorry her day was bad. Yet it was not my fault and what she did really hurt me.
  • 15
    Your shock plugs have been taken out. Why?
    Because my mother is afraid I might get hurt if I drive.
    Because I am being punished for something I did do.
    Because I told my father off since he accused me of doing pot when I haven't been.
  • 16
    You are trying out for basketball. You have been looking forward to this all semester. You did very good and made every shot. However, the coach tells you that you will have to wait until next year. Ok, now what?
    I walk away feeling like everyone thinks I'm a total loser.
    I take his whistle and blare it in his ear and tell him what a jerk he is for not letting me play.
    I tell him that I have been practicing very hard. I also ask him to reconsider me and what I can do to help improve my game.
  • 17
    Your Aunt takes you shopping. She thinks this pink ruffle dress with teddy bears on it will look just adorable on you. You rather have that long black dress. (For guys pink tie with bunny rabbits, yet you rather have that one with flames.) What do you tell your Aunt when she asks your thoughts?
    I tell her I love it and let her buy it. I don't want to hurt her feelings.
    I tell her that I think it looks pretty but that I prefer this dress/tie instead.
    I yank it out of her hands and tell her I am not a little kid.
  • 18
    Your Uncle Robert is singing to Britney Spears and dancing like her. He looks like a major dork. You start dancing better than him but he starts laughing at you. Now what?
    You tell him he is too old for Britney Spears, but maybe he can take some dancing classes.
    I get up and yank down his pants and push him to the ground and tell him you dance way better than he does.
    You go sit down. Obviously he is a better dancer than you.
  • 19
    Your next door neighbour thinks that monkeys are after her. You assure her they are not. She accuses you of being a friend of the monkeys. She is about ready to hit you with her broom. What will you do next?
    You let her chase you out of the house.
    You ask her to put down the broom. Then you calmly ask her why she is so afraid of monkeys.
    I grab the broom and hit her on the head and scream, "Get a BRAIN, Lady! I am not a friend of the monkeys!"
  • 20
    Your school enemy gives your teacher a piece of fart candy. She eats it and keeps farting during the whole class. She asks who did it. He points to you and says you did it. She takes you to the front of the class and tells everyone that you are in deep trouble. She says you are going to get a 0 for the day and have to see the principal. What happens now?
    I receive my 0 and then go to the Principal's office humiliated.
    I tell her that I didn't do it and that that prick over there did it. Then I go over to him and yank down his pants and give him an atomic wedgies.
    I tell her that I did not do it and show her who did.

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