Apollo vs. Dionysus... Which Artistic Life Force Are You?

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Greek mythology

  • 1
    Do you operate in excess or reason?
    "Reason is the faculty that identifies and integrates the material presented by man's senses.
    "The road to excess leads to the palace of wisdom."
    Excess within reason.
  • 2
    When it comes to art, you find...
    Destruction as a form of creation
    Beauty in Creation.
    Beauty in Destruction.
  • 3
    Do you often dream or imagine wonderful images but you can't seem to put them out or together?
    No, usually the opposite. I have technical skills but lack the imagery.
    No, I am pretty good at both.
    Yes, exactly! I can never make the ideas in my mind materialize.
  • 4
    Which of the following best describes your view on individualism...
    Don't have an opinion.
    One for one.
    One for all, and all for one.
  • 5
    You would rather spend your evening at...
    Alone doing whatever you like... Being self-reflective... Dreaming.
    Lavish parties with lots of guest and a steady flow of food and alcohol.
    I can't decide... I feel both of those pretty frequently.
  • 6
    You are given the opportunity to either check out a new eccentric band or going to an art gallery showing famous sculptures... Which do you choose?
    The band, all the way.
    Eh, I don't care.
    Definitely the sculptures.
  • 7
    The rules are...
    Meant to be broken.
    Meant to be followed.
    Don't care.
  • 8
    Which would you choose...
    The life I got.
    An life of reality, where all is what it seems, but never escaping it.
    An eternity in ones dreams but knowing it is never a real experience.
  • 9
    Would you rather...
    Live hedonistically, follow your own wants, desires and wants. Living according to pleasure, not consequence.
    Neither or either.
    Contribute something great to the world, make discoveries in medicine. Help mankind.
  • 10
    Which would you prefer...
    A path of perfection. Living, as you should. Doing as you should. Preparation and caring for the future.
    The path of reality, making mistakes, wild parties, but served with faults and regrets.
    Don't have a strong leaning either way.
  • 11
    Pick one...
    Epimethean... Afterthought.
    Promethean... Forethought
    Not thinking.
  • 12
    In a relationship, you crave...
    Wild, lusty but brief encounters.
    Loving, reciprocal committed relationships.
  • 13
    When arguing, you are more...
    Calm, reasonable and controlled.
    I never argue... I always agree.
    Loud, emotional and aggressive.
  • 14
    You are...
    Spontaneous and a little messy.
    Organized and efficient.
    A cad.
  • 15
    You Prefer...
    Responsibility and working hard towards a goal.
    Wild abandonment and instant gratification.
  • 16
    You are mostly...
    A dolt.
    Free thinking and easy going. You reject social and political guidelines.
    Structured and controlled. You are very aware of consequences and rewards.

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