The sonic and shadow quiz

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This is the hardest quiz ever are you up to it?

  • 1
    In what issue of the Sonic Comic does Sonic beat up Santa Claus, thinking it is Dr Robotnik?
    Issue 120
    Issue 155
    Issue 40
    Issue 119
    Issue 16
  • 2
    According to the American Sonic Comic, what happened to Shadow after he 'supposedly' died?
    He teleported away and was helped by aliens
    He bought some socks
    He transformed into chaos energy
    He Reincarnated and lost his memory
    He went to Burger king
  • 3
    What's Robotnik's original form?
    A baby from Mama Robotnik
    Professor Von Slammer
    An Egg
    Chaos Enery
    Dr Kintobor
  • 4
    In Sonic the Hedgehog 2's instruction booklet (Japanese version) are the names of the levels in English?
    Hmm... I'll ask Robotnik
    Robontik Day
    His name is pie
  • 5
    Who are another members of team Chaotix?
    Techno Squirell
  • 6
    What company made the book "Where's Sonic?"
    Unknown creature
  • 7
    How did Sonic turn blue?
    He ate some blue paint
    By going through the sound barrier forwards
    By going through the sound barrier backwards
    By going through the light barrier forwards
    By going through the light barrier backwards
  • 8
    What happened to Knuckles when he was in an egg?
    He was going to die so they put Master Emerald power in him.
    He was sent to the past
    He was going to die so they used the chaos emeralds to help him
    His parents left him
    He fell in a stocking and was given as a present for Christmas.
  • 9
    Are the experimental creatures in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Shadow the Hedgehog based on Chaos from the first Sonic Adventure?
    Sonic Adventure 2 is linked, but Shadow the hedgehog isn't
    Shadow the hedgehog is linked but Sonic Adventure 2 isn't
    Robotnik Day
  • 10
    When Sonic Heroes was made, what was the first line Sonic EVER said?
    Yo Tails! Long time no see.
    Here we go!
    This'll be fun!
    The power of teamwork.
    Screw this I'm working with Robotnik!

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