The 'Who Should I Hire for the Television Trainee' Quiz

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This test is designed to help choose the ideal candidate for the Television Trainee position with HD media. Simply answer each question honestly and the computer will calculate the ideal person for the position.

  • 1
    Are you looking for…
    Someone who’s dream is to work in a media environment, particularly within television production.
    Someone who applied for the job cause they have to apply for at least six jobs a month to stay on the benefit.
    Someone who saw the Television Trainee position advertised and thought, yeah why not.
  • 2
    In your opinion someone who has studied media has…
    In your opinion someone who has studied media has…
    Shown a strong motivation towards a career with HD media.
    Shown no motivation towards a career in media.
    Shown limited motivation required for the television trainee position
  • 3
    Your ideal candidate must have…
    Your ideal candidate must have…
    A thirst for knowledge and genuine desire to learn about Television, design, and advertising.
    A thirst for beer and the next pay check.
    A thirst for money and fame and a belief that television production is the way to get them.
  • 4
    Which characteristics best describe someone well equipped in communicating and getting along with others, and therefore well suited to the position?
    That guy down the road that sleeps on a park bench and barks when people get to close
    Someone who has worked in various team environments, with extensive travelling experience and has flatted with 11 other people in a 4 bedroom apartment.
    Someone, who has worked in a quite office, may pop away for a weekend every so often, and lives with their partner and a couple of cats.
  • 5
    Would you prefer someone who would…
    Would you prefer someone who would…
    Be prepared to put in the hard yards and motivated to put in extra time to build his/her skills.
    Like to work a forty-hour week, and if pushed will do over time (as long as overtime rates apply).
    Complain about doing an eight-hour day, and will do the minimum work necessary.
  • 6
    Previous production house experience is…
    Important, all builders with experience in producing houses should apply.
    Important, we want someone with fixed notions of how things should be
    Not necessarily important as long as the candidate is motivated to learn.
  • 7
    The person you require should have aspirations to…
    The person you require should have aspirations to…
    Get this position.
    Make his/her mark in television, with a strong desire to work up to a roll where his/her creative skills are optimised.
    Get a Job.
  • 8
    The ideal applicant needs to be….
    An artist, having a passion for art with no real practical execution of their abilities past paint on canvas.
    Someone who thinks being creative involves having Cornflakes instead of Weetbix for breakfast.
    Creative, having general artistic abilities which have been implemented in various creative endeavours (e.g. designing and implementing a restaurant theme)
  • 9
    We would prefer someone with…
    We would prefer someone with…
    Good computer skills and a demonstrated ability to understand and adapt to different technology.
    Amazing computer skills but unable to fully adapt to communication beyond MSN and Chat rooms.
    No computer skills who believes they are a waste of space except for that nifty cup holder which comes out of that box thingiee.
  • 10
    Someone who puts together a quiz to promote his or her application for the trainee position is…
    Someone way of the mark who doesn’t realise the seriousness of the position and should spend more effort into getting medial work.
    Someone who has shown creativity and initiative with a sense of humour and willing to put the effort in that is required of this position.
    Someone with to much time on their hands.

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