Who are you in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children?

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Ever wonder which character you are most like in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children? Here's your chance!

  • 1
    You are walking down a dark, creepy path. Suddenly, 3 bandits jump out at you! You.....
    Beat the bandits with your fist.
    Pull your sword from your bike and make short work of the bandits.
    Summon Shadow Creepers and have them rip the bandits to pieces.
    Punch the living daylights out of the bandits.
    Try to intimidate the bandits, and if that didn't work, run off crying like a little girl.
  • 2
    Your favorite weapon is....
    A good pair of gloves
    A double blade.
    An oversized swords which can lock together to make it even bigger.
    A good pair of gloves, and your sunglasses.
    A shield that doubles up as a shocker.
  • 3
    You are....
    Outgoing, social, friendly.
    a crybaby.
    Devious, malicious, and ruthless.
    Silent and indifferent, but strong.
    Determined, brave, and rather anti-social.
  • 4
    You live...
    With your 2 brothers.
    By yourself.
    With your 2 brothers.
    In a bar you run.
    With your crippled boss.
  • 5
    You think JENOVA is....
    In a case which your boss has.
    could care less.
    Something that the world can do without.
    Where is mother?
  • 6
    What is your opinion on ShinRa company?
    All they do is get in MY way.
    I am against them.
    I work for them.
    I could care less.
    The drain the life stream out of the planet. Those f***ing b******s.
  • 7
    Who do you think is the coolest?
  • 8
    A huge dragon is destroying the city! What would you do?
    Hmph. (Got to stop this thing!)
    Attempt to beat the crap out of it.
    Hehe.... No more annoying city!
    Chop it in half with my sword.
    Dragon? I summoned it!
  • 9
    You method of transportation....
    A rather dirty looking bike.
    A awesomely cool looking bike.
    A rather dirty looking bike.
  • 10
    What would you say to the great Sephiroth, if you ever meet him?
    Can I join you?
    Meet Sephiroth? what are you talking about? I BECOME Sephiroth!
    It's YOU again! I defeat you once, I can do it again?
    The great SOLDIER Sephiroth..... you were once with us, you know.
    Oh no, it's Sephiroth!

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