The Phantom of the Opera--music quiz

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In this quiz, you will learn if you are a fan of the Phantom's music, or if you are just a wannabe obsesser.

  • 1
    "Hearing is believing, music is deceiving; hard as lightning, soft as candlelight..." Is this 'Music of the Night' lyric from the very first play, the 2nd version of the song in the play, or the movie?
    The movie
    The 2nd version of the play (they changed some lyrics)
    The very first play
  • 2
    Finish this lyric: "Far too many notes for my taste--
    "this Phantom is a lunatic!"
    "and most of them about Christine"
    "and most of them completely useless!"
    "so let's ignore the crazy man"
  • 3
    "Who was that shape in the shadows?" Christine sings when she wakes up in the Phantom's lair. Complete the lyric she sings before taking off the Phantom's mask.
    "Who is that man in the mask?"
    "Whose is the face in the mask?"
    "I know that he hides from the world..."
    "Is he the one shunned by the world?"
  • 4
    Christine has a whole song to herself, a solo--which song is it?
    Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
    Think of Me
    Wandering Child
    Angel of Music
  • 5
    The next five questions will ask you "Who Sang It?" Who sang this..."What you heard was a dream and nothing more"
    Madame Giry
    Monsier Andre
  • 6
    "Look at your face in the mirror, I am there inside!"
    The Phantom
  • 7
    "Angel of Music, who deserves this? Why do you curse mercy!"
    The Phantom
  • 8
    "I only wish I knew your secret..."
    The Phantom
  • 9
    "Wildly my mind beats against you...yet the soul obeys!"
    The Phantom
  • 10
    " this darkness which you know you cannot fight"
    Madame Giry
    The Phantom
  • 11
    List the songs in order from "Overture" to "All I Ask of You"
    Overture, Think of Me, Little Lotte/The Mirror, Angel of Music, Music of the Night, Notes/Prima Donna, Masquerade, All I Ask of You
    Overture, Think of Me, Angel of Music, Little Lotte/The Mirror, Phantom of the Opera, Music of the Night, Stranger Than You Dreamt It, Notes/Prima Donna, Il Muto, Why Have You Brought Me Here?, All I Ask of You
    I don't know....
  • 12
    Are you giving up? No? 'Cause here come some of the hardest ones. I hope you are a Phantom, who is Meg's mother?
    Carlotta Guidicelli
    She has no mother--only a father, who is the barn keeper
    She, like Christine, is an orphan
    Madame Giry
  • 13
    Who plays Christine in the movie? Who played Christine in the original production of the play?
    Sarah Brightman was in both the play and movie
    Movie: Janice Gail Baker Play: Minnie Driver
    Movie: Emmy Rossum Play: Janice Gail Baker
    Movie: Sarah Brightman Play: Minnie Driver
    Movie: Emmy Rossum Play: Sarah Brightman
  • 14
    Finish this lyric from the end of the movie: "You alone can make my song take flight...
    "Help me make the music of the night"
    "It's over now, the music of the night!"
    "Give in to the power of the music of the night"
    "Dare you trust the music of the night?"
  • 15
    In the play, in which song does Christine travel to the cemetery?
    Notes/Twisted Every Way
    All I Ask of You (reprise)
    Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
  • 16
    In the movie?
    Notes/Twisted Every Way
    Journey To The Cemetery
    Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
  • 17
    Who wrote most of the lyrics for Phantom?
    Charles Hart
    Andrew Lloyd Webber
    Joel Schumacher
  • 18
    What two songs do we hear from The Phantom's opera?
    Don Juan and The Point of No Return
    Stranger Than You Dreamt It and Don Juan
    Music of the Night and Don Juan
    Poor Fool, He Makes Me Laugh and The Point of No Return
    The Point of No Return and Wandering Child
  • 19
    Which mask does the Phantom wear in the Masquerade? (movie)
    He doesn't go to the Masquerade
    The white one with vein things all over it
    The classic half mask
    The Red Death mask
  • 20
    How many TONY awards has the music from Phantom won?
    None, only Oscars
    Two plus six Oscars

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