What Kind of Monster are You?

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Are you a blood-sucking vampire or a flesh eating zombie, or are you better suited sucking up people in your gooey body as a giant blob?

  • 1
    What is your favorite food?
    What is your favorite food?
    Red Cordial
    Raw tasting foods, like sushi
    Anything made by your "mummy"
  • 2
    How physical are you?
    How physical are you?
    It's all about power with you, on nights with a full moon you like to go out and get your muscles moving!
    Who needs exercise when you have someone do everything for you? And besides, you would rather sleep for eternity then go for a jog.
    Exercise... well with your limply legs you prefer to exercise your jaw on your meal
    Well... being out all night is a kind of exercise...
    You don't do enough exercise, though you should go for a walk now and then to work some of that flabby go off.
  • 3
    Hows your personal hygiene?
    Hows your personal hygiene?
    All the cleaning in the world couldn't stop dirt and junk from sticking to your constantly sticky, oily skin
    Because you can't be bothered leaving your bed to have a shower you tend to just cover yourself up and hide the rotting teeth, skin and hair. But for someone who never washes, your pretty well preserved.
    The only body part you care for are your teeth.
    Showers are out of the question for you... and the last time you changed your underwear... was... well... you can't really remember.
    While showers take a while due to your high maintenance hair, you wouldn't cut it off for the world, it means almost as much as your nice, long nails.
  • 4
    Which best describes your self confidence?
    Which best describes your self confidence?
    You really don't care what anyone thinks, you don't care what you think in fact... in fact, you don't really think.
    When you look in a mirror you see a no body
    You are so insecure you sleep all your belongings.
    You may act confident with your ripped body and long, shiny hair, but the truth is that you cry to the moon at night.
    You don't have an opinion of yourself... you don't have an opinion on anything but what you eat.
  • 5
    What clothing style best describes you?
    What clothing style best describes you?
    Fuzzy cute creatures make great coats; fur is the only way for you.
    You don't care what you wear... if it sticks it stays.
    Old school punk... torn up clothes is the way to go.
    All black... it hides those tricky stains.
    White is your colour.
  • 6
    Your ideal place to go on a date...
    Your ideal place to go on a date...
    Would be anywhere not that you ever plan on dating
    Wandering around aimlessly, maybe grabbing something to eat.
    Is a walk through the forest on a beautiful moon-lit night.
    Somewhere full of busy people, a nice place to get a drink
    Would be over at your place, so you could show off all your precious belongings.
  • 7
    What is your favorite colour?
    What is your favorite colour?
    The color of your next meal...
    Murky green
  • 8
    If you were an animal, what animal would you be?
    If you were an animal, what animal would you be?
    Jelly Fish
  • 9
    What kind of alcohol do you drink?
    Red wine
    Anything with a bite
    Anything strong
    Only the very best
    Whatever comes your way
  • 10
    What is your ideal profession?
    Is being king of everything a profession...?
    Under Taker
    Food tester
  • 11
    What feature does your ideal house have?
    Somewhere to store food
    A good security system to protect your many valuables.
    A nice dark cellar
    Big doors for the ...larger... kind of person.
    A glass ceiling to let the moon shine in at night