Which Super Villain style are you?

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Well, you have AJ, Rob, Tristan and.....some guy....I don't know, he's just there, O.K!
They all exhitbit there own style, so which super villain style of these four awesome specimens of manhood are you most like?

  • 1
    The first question is always the slowest, so how do you react to this one?
    If you are going to act like this, then I will just leave.
    *Pulls a gun* Get on with it!
    *Gets up and walks out of the room*
    Fast is good, I like speed, GO GO GO, C'mon go with the fast shit, man this Children of Bodom song ROCKS!, so what about it?...get on with the question, Huh?...What?
  • 2
    Just how evil are you?....I mean, you are a super villain right?
    Am I Evil? Yes I F**king am!
    You are joking right?
    Evil?....I am as evil...I think, well I am working on it.
    I am and yeah, I am pretty evil....No wait, I didn't mean that I am "Pretty Evil"!
  • 3
    Which evil voice do you have?
    I make the devil sound like a wussy.
    Mikael Akerfeldt's voice....Bad English and all!
    I am so evil that I shouldn't even speak, I'm that evil!
    Alexi Laiho's voice....make-up, compact mirror and all!
  • 4
    Your typical Super Villain weapon is......
    A Samurai Sword...I like to chase people out of my house with them.
    My B.C Rich Beast will cut you in half if you fuck around with it.
    GcZ 9mm, Standard Military issue.
    Vegeta doesn't use weapons!
  • 5
    And just how good are you with your weapon?
    My enemies die and women fall under my command...does that answer your question?
    I always miss and wind up shooting myself in the foot.
    Well, would you run if you saw me chasing you with Samurai Sword?
    I am so good that I scare myself!
  • 6
    What is your ambition in life?
    Well, My ambition is to become the worlds most evil super villain!
    I want to get to know different sides of my friends.
    I am going to be a teacher once this "Super Villain who likes Anime" thing losses it's interest.
    WAIT, did I just hear Tristan right?..........
  • 7
    Gun's is schools, your thoughts?
    When I am a teacher, the students will need them if they piss me off.
    Ban them!
    Guns?...Guitars are much more effective.
    They have gun's in schools now?...I think I should go to school more often.
  • 8
    What is your stance on execution?
    Well, If you piss me off you get what you deserve.
    What's your point?
    If you scratch my Beast, I'll give you an execution!
  • 9
    What is your super Villain weakness?
    Women...Hot Goth Women.
    I have no weaknesses...I am unstoppable!
    Having no money!
  • 10
    What makes you different from the common criminal?
    Can't I be both?
  • 11
    What fuels your villainous ambitions?
    My family was killed by a corrupt police officer, from that day on I swore to....Blah Blah Blah!
    There are just too many Emo's and Ravers in this world...they need a natural predator.
    Anime...until the next thing that annoys my friends comes along.
  • 12
    This is the last question, any last words?
    Prepare to die.
    ...............Shhh, Listening to Bodom!
    That's my line!
    Yeah, Opeth are GODS!
  • 13
    Fooled you, this is really the last question!
    You Bastard......
    You Bastard......
    You Bastard......
    You Bastard......

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