What Career Is In Your Future?

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What is in your future? A recording studio in Hollywood? "Lights, Camera, ACTION"? An office looking over the finest attorney district? Or a landfill and the shotgun of a WONDERFUL trash truck? Find out now!

  • 1
    When it comes to school, which answer fits you best?
    I hate school! The only thing good is passing notes in the back of the history room...
    I do all the homework, always have my materials, and am the best active listener to be found.
    I have no trouble writing dramatic pieces in English, and I LOVE Improve class--that's what keeps me going
    It's okay, but I mostly write songs during the lectures.
  • 2
    What "group" do you belong to?
    I belong to the choir geeks
    I'm a "punk", but it's really not that bad. We have a good time.
    I guess I'm just normal
    The Drama Club...duhhh....
  • 3
    You have homework and a test that's due the next day, but your best friend has tickets to Green Day for that night. Which do you choose?
    Green Day all the way! Who cares about homework? GD ROCKS!
    I can always study in the car! Music is very important, you know!
    I'd do my homework. But I'd still play the CD, that counts right?
    My parents would NEVER LET ME skip out on homework!
  • 4
    If you won the lottery, what would you do with the cash?
    Somehow use the money to get into theatre....
    Get a couple piercings and spend the rest at the movie theatre while the idiots at school take the math test
    I would put most of it away for college, but buy a new pair of jeans and spend some on Christmas
    I'd buy a recording stereo, a guitar, and all the stuff you need for band tryouts!
  • 5
    It's Saturday...you had a long week, and quite a bit of homework to do. Do you relax or knuckle down and save the spa for after?
    Sleep in, surf the web, hang with the crew. (otherwise known as NO)
    Do all the homework first, so I don't have to worry about it later!
    I'd probably do half my homework and then go to karaoke night at the Silo Grill
    It's so heartbreaking to have homework on a Saturday!
  • 6
    When it comes to love...well, where are you?
    I'm looking for that one who supports my art.
    Don't go there...parties can get wild, okay?
    I don't really think about that right now
    I don't want to get serious until after collage.
  • 7
    What do you want for the holidays?
    A scholarship to acting camp!
    Maybe some memory for my computer...
    A karaoke machine
    I don't really need anything...i already nicked it ;)
  • 8
    What kind of party would you must likely throw?
    A karaoke party with all my choir friends
    A casual party...lot's of drinks and music and people!
    A slumber party with charades!
    A study party
  • 9
    Are you taking this quiz because you do not feel guided enough?
    I'm doing a paper on how theoretical hypothesis compare to actual life
    Does it matter?
    I think I know where I'm headed, but still...
    No, I KNOW what I'm doing!
  • 10
    Close your eyes and count to ten. What color do you see on ten? (This actually has to do with something, don't worry)
    Navy blue
    Bright yellow
    There's lots of colors, am I supposed to just pick one?