Good Charlotte Lyrics: D

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Do You Know The GC lyrics?: D

  • 1
    I need an alarm system in my house...
    name the song.
    I Just Wanna Live
    My Bloody Valentine
    The Chronicles Of Life And Death
  • 2
    name the song: And I Will Save This Empty Space Next To Me Like It's A Grave Where I Lay a place For Us To Sleep Eternally Together...
    The Young And The Hopeless
    Girls And Boys
    Ghost Of You
    We Believe
    The Anthem
  • 3
    When Will You _____ Again. _____ Like You Did Back Then. We'd Make Noise Till 3:00 am
    (it's the same word)
    The Day That I Die
    Say Anything
    I Don't Know
  • 4
    Finish Line: Life, Hope, Truth, Trust
    Drink, Eat, Sleep, Wake, Live, Die, Cry, Hope, pain
    Helpless, Love, Beer, Band, Guitar, Life, Life, Life, DIE!
    Faith, Pride, Love, Lust, Pain, Hate, Lies, Guilt, Laugh, Cry, Live, Die
  • 5
    So You Don't Have To Call, Or Say Anything At All.
    What song?: P
    It Wasn't Enough
    Lifestyles Of The Rich And The Famous
  • 6
    OK... This isn't a lyric, but who did all the illustrations for their album; The Chronicles Of Life And Death?
    Those Twins.. I Don't know their names..
    Eric Valentine
  • 7
    Hey Dad I'm Writing To You, Not To Tell You That I Still ____ You
  • 8
    Finish and name The Song: There's A Woman...
    Crying Out Tonight, Her World Has Changed She Asks God Why - We Believe
    Laughing Out Tonight, Her World's The Same She Love Her Life - Seasons
    it's We Believe, right?
    How Could I Know?
  • 9
    Wich band members write most of the songs?
    Benji & Joel
    no one from the band.. Ville Valo writes their songs.. daah!
    Billy, Paul & Chris
  • 10
    finish the line: In The Back, In The Closets Of Your Mind...
    That's Where Skeletons And Dirty Secrets Hide
    That's Where Your Mother Ad Her Boyfriends Hide
    That's Where I Used To Hide
    I Want The Truth From You
  • 11
    Turn On Channel Seven At A Quarter to eight, You See the Same Damn Things It's Just A different Day...
    The World Is White
    The World
    Lifestyles Of The Rich And The Famous
    The World Is Black
  • 12
    All These Dreams And All These Plans I Built It All With...
    These Two Hands
    These Two Legs
    These Hands
    These Legs
  • 13
    Always See It On TV, Read In The Magazines...
    finish line
    Celebrities Want Money
    Celebrities Want Sympathy
    Celebrities Want Attention
  • 14
    Your Days You Say They're Way To Long.. And Your Nights
    You Just Stay Awake
    You Just Can't Sleep
    You Sit Down To Read A book
    You Can't Sleep At All
  • 15
    What Song On The Young And The Hopeless have No Lyrics?
    Hold On
    My Bloody Valentine
    A New Beginning
    The Young And The Hopeless

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