Which Fruits Basket Character Are You?

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  • 1
    If somebody disobeyed you, what would you do?
    Try to talk to them calmly about why they need to listen to you
    Skip the scolding and go straight to the punishment…
    Shrug it off. If they screw up it’s their own problem
  • 2
    Your best (girl) friend is being harassed by a middle-aged man. What do you do?
    This wouldn’t happen. I don’t have friends
    Try to pull your friend away from the man while shouting for help
    Shove the man away from your friend while shouting at him
  • 3
    A very attractive person of the sex you are attracted to passes by. You…
    Do nothing. I’m too shy to stare or approach.
    Approach him/her and start a friendly conversation
    Do nothing. I have no time for romance
  • 4
    You’ve been dying to have a battle with somebody. (Not necessarily a battle, but maybe a sports match, etc.) When they refuse, you…
    Try to talk with them, explaining why you need to have this battle so much
    Get angry and begin fighting them anyway
    Sigh and walk away quietly
  • 5
    Somebody close to you (ex: Mother, Father, etc.) does not allow you to marry the love of your life. You…
    Yell and rage and threaten to kill them if they do not allow the marriage
    Say nothing and walk away, quietly fuming
    Burst into tears. There is nobody else you could ever love
  • 6
    A person you care for (not necessarily ‘love’.) seems to be spending a lot more time with somebody else rather than you. What is your reaction?
    Physically hurt this new person and snatch your loved one away from them
    Try to get over it quietly. If you really care for this person, you’d let them do what makes them happy.
    Talk to the one you care about, calmly explaining how their behavior has made you feel
  • 7
    You are madly in love with somebody. How do you show your affection?
    Calmly tell them face-to-face what you think about them
    Try to tell them face-to-face how you feel, but either burst into tears or get too shy and run away
    Calmly tell them face-to-face what you think about them
  • 8
    You know there is somebody who is in love with you. But, you have already found your soul mate. How do you feel about this?
    Guilty, because you’ve known this person loved you before you started seeing your soul mate
    Sad, because you do not like to hurt others’ feelings
    Indifferent, because you do not have feelings for this person, and you do not care how it makes them feel
  • 9
    You are different from the rest of your family. Whether it is a strange eye or hair color, or a different personality, you are different. Your family shuns you for it. How do you react?
    Go into uncontrollable rages as you yell at them and physically attack them
    Burst into tears whenever they reject or ignore you
    Feel angry or sad, but try not to show it
  • 10
    How do you react to the story, “The Foolish Traveler”? (See chapter 17 of Fruits Basket.)
    The traveler really was foolish for giving away all of his belongings
    I think the traveler was lucky. He didn’t worry about loss or suffering. He only focused on the happiness of those around him
    It makes me cry every time I read it
  • 11
    How often do you find yourself apologizing about something?
    I never apologize for anything I do. Whatever I do is for a reason, and I’m never sorry for it
    If what I did hurt somebody even the tiniest bit, I will apologize. I can’t stand to see people upset
    I apologize every once in a while. If what I did really hurt somebody, I’ll apologize
  • 12
    Please select which description best fits you in your high school years. (Please be honest.)
    I’m a total outcast. Nobody wants to talk to me. I sit by myself in class and eat my lunch alone
    I get tense and uneasy around other people. There are only one or two people whom I really care for and am comfortable around
    I’m not too popular, but I have a few friends who I love to death
  • 13
    When you write stories, what do you usually write about? (If you don’t write, then please select what you would most like to read.)
  • 14
    You got picked on a lot as a child. Now, in high school, what are you like?
    I’m really depressed. My childhood sticks with me for my whole life
    A little shy, but I’m comfortable around my few friends
    It doesn’t affect how I am in high school at all! I’m always happy and thinking positive
  • 15
    You are best known in your school for your strikingly good looks. Even students from 3 or 4 grades higher than you are drooling over your class picture. What is your response?
    Play along with them for a while
    Ignore all of them. There is only one person I care about…
    Ignore all of them. I care for nobody
  • 16
    And finally, when snow melts, what does it become?

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