Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

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I can't believe there's not one of these already! This is for true experts only, so if you haven't seen the episodes, don't answer the questions

  • 1
    Ok, an easy one to start out with. Who is the captain of the Special Victims Unit?
    Captain Underpants!
    Captain Hursch
    Houston, we have a problem.
    Captain Craigan
  • 2
    How many kids does Elliot Stabler have and what is his wife's name?
    4, Kammy
    3, Bachelor, duh, a hottie like that!
    2, Kerry
    4, Kathy
  • 3
    What is John's last name and who is his SECOND partner?
    Munch, Finn
    Manny, Ted
    Munch, Sherry
  • 4
    Who was the first ADA (Assistant District Attorney) and what happened to her?
    Trina Williams, she was raped and murdered
    Alex Cabot, she was put into the witness protection program.
    Huh? There was more than one?
    Casey Novak, she's still there.
  • 5
    Which detective was almost the next victim of a serial rapist?
    Casey Novak
    Captain Craigan
    Olivia Benson
    John Munch
  • 6
    In one of the newer episodes, Elliot goes under cover as a criminal on parole to stop a suspected repeat rapist. What's his alias, and what
    crime(s) does Elliot nearly commit towards the end of the show?
    Macaboy, Murder/Rape
    Macaboy, murder
    Oliver, abuse
    He didn't go under cover, John did.
    Donelly, rape
  • 7
    Ok, backwards in time. What fellow detective did Olivia Benson date for a short time before Elliot confronted her about it?
  • 8
    Here's one for fun. How many times has Olivia changed her hair style on the show?
  • 9
    For what unit did Finn Tutuola originally work for?
    He was always on SVU.
  • 10
    All of the detectives have a somewhat dark past. Finn, though it's still a mystery, doesn't get along with his son. Munch's father committed suicide. What are the "deep-dark secrets" of Elliot and Olivia?
    Elliot raped Olivia
    Elliot's father was a cop and Elliot believes himself to be a failure; Olivia is a child of rape
    Elliot killed a man in Rino just to watch his blood poor; Olivia had an affair with a convicted felon
    Elliot cheated on his wife; Olivia abandoned her child

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