The Ultimate CLUE Quiz

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Are you the ultimate Clue fan? Have you ever played the board game called clue? Is it your favorite board game? Well you might be an expert on the game, but how about the movie?

  • 1
    When and where does the movie take place?
    1982, Africa
    1954, New England
    1800, California
  • 2
    What happens to Wadsworth right before he walks into the house?
    He is mugged
    He steps in doggie doo
    He trips and breaks his ankle
  • 3
    Who is the first guest to arrive at the house?
    Colonel Mustard
    Mrs. Peacock
    Mrs. White
  • 4
    What did everyone find out they had in common with each other at the dinner table?
    They all wore the same color
    They all went to the theater on the same day
    They all earn their living from the government
  • 5
    Who is the seventh guest to arrive while everyone is at dinner?
    Mr. Body
    Professor Plum
    Miss Carson
  • 6
    Why couldn't Mr. Body break through the glass when he tried to get away?
    A dog jumped up on the glass showing its teeth
    He couldn't find anything to break it with
    He wasn't strong enough
  • 7
    Who denies being blackmailed?
    Mrs. Peacock
    Mr. Green
    Miss Scarlet
  • 8
    Where did Mrs. White say she was when her husband was killed?
    A friend's house
    The store
    The movies
  • 9
    Fill in the blank on the comment that Mr. Body says: "I think I can help them make up their minds. Can I just get my little _____ from the _____."
    dog - lounge
    broom - attic
    bag - hall
  • 10
    What happened after Mrs. Peacock drank the "poisoned" brandy?
    She died
    She ran around the house acting like a chicken
    Mr. Green slapped her to stop her screaming
  • 11
    What did Colonel Mustard say when Wadsworth said "To make a long story short.."
    Too late
    Go on
    Eat pickles
  • 12
    Who screamed when the cook fell out of the freezer?
    Miss Scarlet
    Mrs. White
  • 13
    Who was at the door when Wadsworth was about to throw the key away?
    A clown
    A motorist
    A detective
  • 14
    What were Wadsworth and Colonel Mustard arguing about?
    Whether they should keep the front door locked
    Whether there was anybody else in the house
    Whether dinner was good or not
  • 15
    Which pair searched the attic?
    Wadsworth and Mrs. White
    Mr. Green and Yvette
    Mrs. Peacock and Mrs. Carson
  • 16
    What does the black gloved hand do with the photographs?
    Look at them and laugh
    Hide them behind the bookcase
    Throw them into the fire
  • 17
    What happened after Colonel Mustard and Miss Scarlet got out of the Lounge?
    The chandelier fell down
    They saw the murderer run out the door
    They started dancing
  • 18
    Who showed the cop around the house?
    Mr. Green
    Miss Scarlet
  • 19
    Which pair found both secret passages?
    Professor Plum and Mrs. Peacock
    Mr. Green and Yvette
    Miss Scarlet and Colonel Mustard
  • 20
    Did the bullet hit Mr. Body?
    Yes, it hit his foot
    No, it missed altogether
    Just barely, it grazed his ear
    What bullet?
  • 21
    Who does Wadsworth pick on to be Mr. Body when he's explaining how Mr. Body died?
    Colonel Mustard
    Mr. Green
    Professor Plum
  • 22
    What does Wadsworth tell everyone to do to check if they are the murderer?
    Show him their right hand because the murderer had a cut there
    Walk to the door and back to see if they had the murderer's outline
    Empty their pockets and purses to see if they have the gun
  • 23
    What did they found out they had for dinner?
    Horse meat
    Squid dressing
    Monkey's brains
  • 24
    Who asked if Mrs. Peacock was a man in the 2nd ending?
    Mrs. Peacock
    The cop
    Mr. Green
  • 25
    Did Mr. Green get shot in the 3rd ending?
    I hope so
    Could be
  • 26
    What did Mr. Green call himself in the 3rd ending?
    A doomed man
    A fruit
    A plant
  • 27
    How many cards spin around at the end of the movie right before the credits?
  • 28
    Do you dance to the song at the end of the movie?
    Oh yeah! Why not?
    No way, that's kinda wierd..
    No, because I haven't seen it
    Of course! I danced during the whole movie, didn't you?
  • 29
    Have you seen the movie?
    Yes, but only once or twice
    No, and I don't want to
    Yes, and I love it!
    Nope, but it sounds cool
  • 30
    Did you like my quiz?
    It was ok.
    It was awful, can't you do better than that?
    It was pretty good.
    YES YES! I want to do it again!

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