Phantom of the Opera Test

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This test is all about lyrics.

  • 1
    Finish the lyric from Past the point of no Return. "Past all thought of:"
    "right, or wrong,"
    "him or her,"
    "no return,"
    "left, or right,"
    "up or down,"
  • 2
    Finish the lyric from Wandering Child: "Angel or father,"
    "Friend or Phantom,"
    "Theatre, or Opera.."
    "Phantom or Raoul,"
    "Grant to me your glory!"
    "Guide and Guardian,"
  • 3
    Finish the lyric from Wishing you were somehow here again. "No more memories:"
    "No more scary thoughts of the Phantom.."
    "Prima Donna, Once More!"
    "No more silent tears.."
    "The Phantom of the Opera is there.."
    "Masquerade! Paper faces on parade.."
  • 4
    Finish the lyrics from The Mirror (Angel of Music).. "Look at your face in the mirror:"
    "Do you see me?"
    "Do you feel the guilt?"
    "I see no reflection."
    "I am there inside!"
    "I am inside there, too!"
  • 5
    Finish this lyric from The Phantom of the Opera: "In sleep he sang to me,"
    "In dreams he came!"
    "The Phantom of the Opera is there..."
    "That voice which calls to me.."
    "Which woke me up!"
    "and speaks my name!"
  • 6
    The next couple of questions are going to be a Who Sang This question. Who sang this? "Far too many notes for my taste!" and what song is it from?
    Christine and Raoul in "All I ask of you."
    La Carlotta in "Poor Fool"
    Meg in "Angel of Music"
    Andre and Firmin in "Notes/Prima Donna"
    The Phantom in "The Phantom of the Opera"
  • 7
    What song is this from and who sang it? "Yet the soul obeys!"
    Christine in "Wandering Child"
    The Phantom in "Wandering Child"
    Christine in "All I ask of you"
    Meg in "Hanibal"
    Raoul in "All I ask of you"
  • 8
    What song is this from and Who sang it? "The fruits of summer fade.."
    Christine in "Think of me"
    Meg in "Angel of Music"
    The Phantom in "Wandering Child"
    Piangi in "Point of No Return"
    La Carlotta in "Prima Donna"
  • 9
    The rest of this quiz will just be about the movie itself. This is a hard one. In the movie, La Carlotta's singing voice is not really Minnie Driver. (La Carlotta.) What's the name of the lady who is REALLY singing?
    Maggie Armstrong
    Margaret Preece
    Yang Shong
    Elenor Rothstein
    Nellie Lockhart
  • 10
    In the correct order, How old are Gerard Butler, (the Phantom) Patrick Wilson, (Raoul) and Emmy Rossum? (Christine) (2005)
    41, 23, 21
    36, 23, 21
    36, 22, 19
    39, 30, 18
    44, 25, 20
  • 11
    Okay, second to last one. This one's easy! What is the name of the lady who plays Madame Giry in the movie?
    Adrienne Nesser
    Gravy Dirnt
    Jennifer Ellison
    Miranda Richardson
    Emmy Rossum
  • 12
    This last one is very easy. What lifestyle did Christine choose at the very end of the movie?
    To stay in the Opera House with the Phantom to keep the Phantom from killing her love.
    To move to Germany and start a new life.
    To leave the Opera, and start a family with Raoul.
    Since she's a doctor, fix the Phantom's distorted face and then get married.
    To stay with the pitiful creature, the Phantom, in the Opera House.

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