Do You Want to Kill Spongebob?

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Find out if you love the yellow guy with the square pants or if you want to see him dead.

  • 1
    If you saw Spongebob walking down the street, you would…
    Just stand there and do nothing.
    Run up to him and hug him, saying how much you love him.
    If he waves at you, you smile and wave back but hope he goes away and doesn’t come to talk to you.
    Come after him with a chainsaw. It’s something you’ve always wanted to do.
    Scream and run away, yelling, MOMMEEEE! IT’S A WALKING SPONGE!
  • 2
    What would you like to kill the little walking sponge with?
    No...I couldn't kill him...I don't want to go to jail...
    Aw! Who could kill cute little Spongebob?
    I would just keep my distance.
    Something that will cause him a lot of pain, like a chainsaw!
    Anything sharp, pointy and shiny.
  • 3
    What are you thinking about right now?
    Killing that little sponge who thinks he's so cool cuz he has a pet snail and he lives in a pineapple under the sea.
    What's that noise? *whips head around quickly*
    Beans beans the musical fruit the more you eat the more you toot.
    I'm so beautiful to me...can't you see...
    Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!
  • 4
    Do you dream about Spongebob?
    It was about eggs that looked like Spongebob.
    I don't have dreams.
    What dream? It was a NIGHTMARE!
    It was so cute... we were holding hands running through fields of starfish.
    I dreamed I was sawing him up into pieces with a chainsaw and stuffing him in a matchbox and sending him home to Mom.
  • 5
    How do you like this quiz so far?
    It's all about Spongebob, I love it!
    I like it, I guess.
    It's all about Spongebob, I hate it.
  • 6
    If you saw Spongebob about to fall off a cliff, hanging on for dear life, you would...
    Just walk away and pretend you didn't see anything.
    Call the cops. Maybe they can help him.
    Rush right over to help him, then take him to your house for hot chocolate.
    Step on his hands so he falls to his death.
    Call animal control. There's a strange unidentified animal hanging off a cliff.
  • 7
    Are you bored yet?
    Let's get this over with.
    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...*falls onto keyboard, asleep*
    No! I love talking about Spongebob! I never want this quiz to end!
    Yes! But I'll keep going just because I'm bored.
  • 8
    You find that you have the Spongebob theme song stuck in your head. You...
    I'm so hot.
    I like eggs.
    Pound your head with a hammer until the stupid song goes away.
    Sing along! How can you resist?
    Just try to think of another song.
  • 9
    Would you marry Spongebob?
    Only if you paid me a five hundred bucks.
    Over my dead body! *kills yourself*
    Maybe...if I can't find anyone else.
    Who's Spongebob?
    Of course! He's so sweet. Plus he has that cute pet snail.
  • 10
    Finally, would you miss Spongebob if he died?
    *sobs* Of course! He's so adorable! *sobs*
    Spongebob's dead? YIPPEEE! *jumps up and down laughing hysterically*

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