Discworld: Are You In It?

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Which Discworld character are you? Have fun.

  • 1
    When faced with Death what do you do?
    Curse him for scaring you.
    Introduce him to the class.
    Invite him to tea.
    Demand answers.
  • 2
    A raving maniac bloodthirsty werewolf attacks you, what do you do?
    Shoot a firework at them.
    Freeze time and walk away.
    Roll up your sleeves. "Fireball time!"
    Introduce him to your friend Granny.
  • 3
    Vetinari summons you to his office, what does he say?
    Nothing. You don't go.
    Um.. well yes.
    I have been getting numerous complaints. Congratulations.
    No exploding please.
    There seems to have been an outbreak of magical activity.
  • 4
    You need information, how do you get it?
    Send your subordinates.
    Turn your cat into a human, and get everybody drunk.
    Freeze time and search the desk.
    Make a fireball and start counting.
  • 5
    A vampire offers you whatever it is you want most, what do you say?
    No one can give me what I want.
    Right then, where's that bird?
    Why, Thank You.
  • 6
    What was the vampire offering?
    A drink.
    That new crossbow.
  • 7
    The boogeyman pops out from under the bed what do you do.
    Shoot him with the crossbow.
    Offer him a cigarette, then activate the traps.
    Grab the poker.
    Say, "None of that now." and sic your cat on him
  • 8
    An assassin tries to knife you.
    Offer him/her a drink.
    Smirk, the assassin has just fallen into the cesspit.
    Grab the poker
  • 9
    It's three o' clock in the morning and a pigeon flies in your window, what do you do?
    Ignore the thud, your window was closed.
    Keep snoring.
    Read the message and grab your sword. In reverse order.
    Kill it and grill it.
  • 10
    What is your favorite color?
    Why black of course.
    Black and White
    Hmm. Red no Orange

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