The Crucible

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Aurthur Miller's "The Crucible"

  • 1
    Who comes to Salem to judge whether the town is full of witchcraft?
    Judge Danforth
    Reverend Parris
    Reverend Hale
    John Proctor
    Giles Corey
  • 2
    Who lead the girls in the forest with her knowledge of witchcraft?
  • 3
    Who did Abigail drink a blood charm for?
    Goody Putmans husband
    Giles Corey
    John Proctor
  • 4
    What is the significance of the golden candlesticks?
    They illustrate how materialistic Rev. Hale is
    they illustrate the corruption of the town
    They show how materialistic Rev. Parris truly is
  • 5
    Why did Elizabeth fire Abigail Williams from her service?
    she stole from Elizabeth
    she refused to do the work assigned to her
    she was having an affair with her husband
  • 6
    Because it my (blank)!
  • 7
    Why did Giles Corey refuse to admit to involvement with witchcraft?
    all of the above
    none of the above
    to ensure his sons would inherit his farm
    It wasnt true
    he refused to support the hysteria that took his wife as well
  • 8
    What were Giles Coreys last words?
    "Damn you
    the Our Father
    More weight
  • 9
    What did John Proctor tear up?
    his confession
    his eviction notice
    his wifes death warrant
  • 10
    What in Americas history was the play The Crucible based on?
    the adjusting to a new world in the late 1600s
    The McCarthey trials
    A local murder case in Millers home town