Trials of Initiation: How much do you really know about Darren Shans' saga?

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If you ever wondered if you could pass the Trials of Initiation, here's your chance to prove your worth!

  • 1
    What animals can vampires turn into?

  • 2
    Vampires can't drink from:
    living creatures
    dead bodies
  • 3
    In battle, a vampire must never use:
    any tool made from bone
    anything that can be used twice
    a weapon made by your opponent
    long - range weapons(eg. guns, arrow guns)
  • 4
    What is the principle difference between a vampire and a vampaneze?
    A vampaneze drains a victim of all their blood, killing them whereas a vampire only drinks a little from their prey.
    Vampires can turn into bats
    A vampire can’t go outside during the day, whereas a vampaneze can
    A vampire drains its victim of all his/her blood, killing them, whilst a vampaneze drinks sparingly
    Vampires can fly, vampaneze can't
  • 5
    The vampires’ stone of blood, a gift from Mr Tiny, a mind - twisting mystic, is in fact:
    a vampanezes' brain
    A part of Mr. Tiny's brain
    A dragons’ brain
    A bone vessel containing blood from every vampire in existence
    A ball of fire
  • 6
    For what reason has the stone been given to the vampires?
    So that one day a vampire will drink from the vessel without drowning in his own blood, and he will rule over all vampires
    It is a trick - the brain, which is really a fireball, will burn the vampires alive some day.
    Mr. Tiny gave the vampires a vampaneze brain to remind them that they have the power
    Legend has it that it will save their race one day
    It is a spying device - the fragment of Mr. Tiny's brain absorbs information from the vampires.
  • 7
    What does vampire spit do?

    if a vampire spits, the spit explodes where it lands
    it's a poison
    heals cuts
    it burns through things, like an acid
  • 8
    How do vampires usually travel?
    They can relocate (disappear from one place and reappear in another)
    They use public transport
    They flit
    They walk
    They fly
  • 9
    Who built the vampires' hall of Princes?
    Des Tiny, along with his workers
    Larten Crepsley
    Paris Skyle
    Seba Nile
    Darren Shan
  • 10
    And finally, who created vampires?
    Seba Nile
    Kurda Smahlt
    Darren Shan
    Larten Crepsley
    Desmond Tiny

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