Which Harry Potter Character would fall for you?

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Harry, Ron, or Tom...if these guys saw you...which one would fall for you? Answer these truthfully and see which one would ask you to the Yule Ball.

  • 1
    What is your favorite color?
  • 2
    Which animal would you want to be?
  • 3
    Why did you choose that animal?
    Because it is loyal, sweet, and will do what you say!
    Uhhhh...I'm not sure...because of it's tail...?
    Because it's sneaky, evil, and it can kill you without you knowing!
  • 4
    If you saw your guy in the hallway, talking to some friends, and he saw you...what would he do?
    Give me a hug, then hold my hand until I have to leave
    Come up to me, kiss me heavily, then walk me to my next class
    Continue to fight that my cat ate his rat
  • 5
    You are sitting in class when all of a sudden, you get a note from your guy...what is it most likely about?
    Insulting the teacher and the guy sitting next to me
    Telling me a very funny joke
    What we are doing after school that day
  • 6
    You are standing in the hallway talking to one of your guy friends, I mean deep conversation type, when your guy sees you. What would he most likely do?
    Give my friend a very evil glare as he comes straight up to me and kiss me
    Come and join in the conversation then confront me about it later
    Just keep on walking and pretend like he never saw anything
  • 7
    Where would your guy most likely take you on your very first date?
    Probably in town to get a butterbeer
    A moonlight walk while having a romantic and meaningful talk
    His dormitory in the Slytherin house.....in his bed.....see what I'm saying here?
  • 8
    How would he confront you if he was trying to ask you to the Yule Ball?
    Take me on a walk again and ask me
    tell a joke and then after making me laugh, ask
    kiss me then ask
  • 9
    How would people find out that you two are dating?
    By them seeing us madly kissing in the hallways
    They would notice that we aren't fighting for once and we are actually talking
    He would tell his friends who would tell their friends who would tell their friends....
  • 10
    He wants to tell you something, but he doesn't want you to be worried or scared or mad...he can't figure out how to tell you...what is it that he is trying to tell you in the first place?
    That he accidentally let my cat run loose somewhere and he can't find her now
    That he was the one who made fun of my friend and made her cry
    That he has to go on another adventure to fight the Dark Lord
  • 11
    You two are talking when all of a sudden you two start arguing...what is it that you are fighting about?
    He saw me talking to that guy friend of mine again after he already gave him an evil glare
    He has to fight another battle and I don't want him to but he refuses to stay
    He made a joke but it hurt my feelings and now he is calling me a baby
  • 12
    How would you two's first kiss come out to happen?
    He stared deeply into my eyes after making fun of the professor and then just randomly kiss me....then ask me if I liked it....then kiss me again
    We would be alone and in a very deep conversation when right in the middle, he would kiss me then turn bashfully red and say sorry
    After telling me a joke he would just randomly kiss me and then say sorry over and over again
  • 13
    If you where crying, how would he approach you about your problem and why you where crying?
    He would hug me, tell me a joke, then calmly listen to what I have to say
    He would come up to me, kiss me, then ask me what was wrong and then go and yell at the person who did this to me
    He would put his arm around me while he listened to everything that happened and why I was crying
  • 14
    If you guys where about to...well...you know...do...it...*ah-hem* where would it be?
    On the beach with the moonlight shinning deep down on us
    Straight up to his room. his bed, in a heart-beat
    After having a very fun night...we would go to my dorm and everything would happen all at once
  • 15
    If people saw you two kissing in the hallway and making comments about it, what would your guy most likely do about it?
    He would stop and never kiss in the hallway again
    He would kiss me and move while staring them down evilly and then beat them up later
    He would stop and very shyly walk away
  • 16
    What is your guy's greatest fear?
    Having mudbloods take over the entire school
    The Dark Lord
  • 17
    What color hair does your guy have?
  • 18
    What color eyes does your guy have?
    dark brown
  • 19
    How many times a day would your guy kiss you?
    Once when nobody is around
    A couple here and there but nothing big
    Any and Every time he sees me

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Drarry4Life ( 3.116 )
Posted 12 days ago
I swear if any of my friends find out about this they are never going to drop it... I GOT DRACO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooooooooooooo happy!! He is the worlds best bad boy and I think hes amazing!!
harry fan ( 1.120 )
Posted 22 days ago
got harry .....................................
dracofan4life ( 47.39 )
Posted 61 days ago
OMG!!!!!! I got draco. I am so happy. He is so hot!
Shadow ( 62.53 )
Posted 109 days ago
I got Draco! .////. I wuv him
potterhead ( 44.93 )
Posted 118 days ago
I got Harry but nooo why
HP Lover ( 7.213 )
Posted 132 days ago
hp grl ( 7.213 )
Posted 136 days ago
I want Ron Ron 4 life
GENNA ( 72.76 )
Posted 214 days ago