Are you a nice person?

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  • 1
    A friend calls you and talks about the same depressing stuff that she has talked about for the past few months. You...
    Tell her you will help her go kick some butt to make her feel better
    Be the great listener that you always are
    Tell her you are busy and let her go
    Invite her to come hang out to get her mind off of things
    Tell her that she needs to get over it, because you are tired of hearing about her problems
  • 2
    Your boyfriend cheats on you. So you....
    Cry all night and then dump him
    Stalk him and confront him and the girl he cheated with
    Get even
    Hit him and cuss him out
    Tell him you forgive him, but it is over
  • 3
    A guy at the gas station ask you for five dollars, you...
    Tell him to get a job
    Tell him you don't have it, because you don't
    Are scared to open your wallet
    Give it to him
    Lie and tell him you don't have it
  • 4
    A family member is sick, you...
    Call and tell them to call if they need anything
    Take them some soup
    Stay with them
    Run like crazy, they might give make you sick
    You don't care
  • 5
    You're husband is late for your dinner reservations, you...
    Leave mad
    Call and cuss him out
    Order the most expensive thing on the menu along with wine
    act mad all night
    Tell him that you wished he would have called your cell
  • 6
    You have been dating a guy for a while, and realize that you don't want to date him anymore
    You tell him he is not good enough for you
    You tell him that things are over
    You just try to change your mind
    You treat him badly and start dating other people
    You explain the situation and discuss options with him
  • 7
    Your friend tries to steal your boyfriend, so you...
    Act like it didn't happen
    Beat her up
    Never speak to her again
    Confront her and ask her how she could do that to you
    Cuss her out
  • 8
    A guy in class seems to be having trouble understanding the subject
    You offer to help him study
    You ignore the situation
    You make fun of him to his face
    You make fun of him to some of your friends
    You think "he is an idiot"
  • 9
    At a traffic light someone is trying to get out, you...
    let them out
    keep going
    act like you are going to let them out, but don't
  • 10
    Someone has a wreck and you pull up on the scene.
    You are mad, because it will cause traffic
    You call 911
    You pull over and try to assist

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