Very Difficult IQ Test

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10 Questions - Developed by: Erik Hjerpe - Developed on: - 325.772 taken - User Rating: 2.88 of 5.0 - 77 Votes

10 Questions.
No Time Limit.
Max. IQ score 170.
Some of my images are difficult to upload, so...
Some of the lines in the images may appear thick, or a border may be missing. There are no tricks with the images in that reguard.

  • 1
    if ONE * THREE * FIVE = 225 --- then NINE * SEVEN + TWELVE = X --- 225 + X = Y --- 10,18,32,56,93,146,? ---? + Y = Z --- Solve for Z
  • 2
    What is the box suggesting.
    What is the box suggesting.
  • 3
    What is the fourth sequence in the following:
  • 4
    Fill in the bottom right quarter of the box.(bottom right 16 boxes) The top left 16 boxes would be: 1abcd,2ad,3abc,4d,5,6b,7c,8,9c,10,11c,12,13,14,15,16b
    Fill in the bottom right quarter of the box.(bottom right 16 boxes) The top left 16 boxes would be: 1abcd,2ad,3abc,4d,5,6b,7c,8,9c,10,11c,12,13,14,15,
  • 5
  • 6
    What is the next shape in this sequence?
    What is the next shape in this sequence?
  • 7
    The fourth box is blank, if it was not what number would correspond with it?
    The fourth box is blank, if it was not what number would correspond with it?Clue:1,5,10,20,50
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
    This box is asking a question.
    What is the answer?
    This box is asking a question.What is the answer?

Comments (20)


poo (28139)
19 days ago
unicorn, gee, you are cool, you must be smaart
unicorn (28139)
19 days ago
seriously, this is the easiest ever. i did it while timing myself, and got them all right in 7 seconds. sme with my 4 year old sister. easy
loplop (64603)
42 days ago
Can you include a page that explains the answers? I don't understand them.
Impressive mind (65182)
74 days ago
Totally useless and worthless quiz ever taken..
Even a isro scientist wouldn't be able to solve
The questions don't have any meaning
Please try to improve
salman (31864)
118 days ago
10,18,32,56,93,146,? yaha kya ay ga
nicos (75292)
169 days ago
i find it hard and coplicated but if you look at it close good look you will gey some answers
sh (53148)
180 days ago
I think that 1st question is given wrong
Lukestar (36660)
247 days ago
im 13 got 8 out of 10
thingamajig (12825)
313 days ago
Odd that Jackshan Rules could achieve 100% in this test and still spell tough incorrectly!
Siu Shan (38728)
321 days ago
There is a minor error on Q.4
Jackshan Rules (29318)
370 days ago
really tuff.It took lots of time for me to succeed and got 10/10

looking forward for more
L.lawliet (46798)
374 days ago
i know how to solve all the questions : )
testing (19295)
440 days ago
There is no way to logically deduct many of the questions, which instead rely on making unfounded assumptions. The scoring is also misleading as this has nothing to do with any IQ measure. Worst score you can obtain from this test is the population average IQ 100. By getting all the answers wrong. Thus providing the test no means to determine if you have intelligence at all.
warner (81736)
458 days ago
this is seriously useless 💗
guomashi (93746)
476 days ago
It seems to me question 3 is bogus.
Only two states are given.
It is impossible to return to the original state in 3 linear transformations when there are 8 positions (8 is not divisible by 3).
It is impossible to define a non linear transformation with only 2 states.
Two of the answers are identical, but one is counted as wrong.
wenping175 (93746)
477 days ago
Can someone please explain why question has the correct answer twice and counts wrong if one of them is chosen?
Rowell (28359)
510 days ago
Perhaps this IQ test is for those people who speak gibberish :|
Rabbie (04837)
510 days ago
What the hell is this?
Dqwaerr (86632)
602 days ago
Except 8 and 9 neither any question is viable.......
Shubham Parab (20920)
641 days ago
The question are very much hard