Who is Going to Heaven?

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Who is going to Heaven?

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    Rachel is a good woman. She tithes each Sunday and sponsors a child. She lies once and a while, but only white lies. She is basically good save a few naughty things. Is she going to heaven? She is mostly good.
    There is no #(*((#%&#(&#(&$#(&%#(5739 HEAVEN! WORSHIP SATAN!
    She is going to heaven. She is a good woman. Her good works will get her to heaven.
    She will not go to heaven because she has sins in her life and no sin can enter heaven. Her righteousness is not enough to get her into heaven. She needs to trust in Jesus not her good works.
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    Brandon kills people. He lies and cheats and steals. One day he gets on his knees, turns from his sin, asks Jesus into his life, then he lives serving the Lord. Is he going to Heaven?
    #%(#*(#%(#&%#(&($*(#$! Yeah he rules! He isn't going to Heaven! He is going to party in Hell with me! Yes!
    Yes. He may have sinned, but because of Jesus' Blood, he is going to Heaven despite his past.
    NO! He is not! Only good people who do nice things will! The way to heaven is to be good and do good things! We earn our way! He isn't good enough!
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    Describe who YOU think goes to Heaven?
    Heaven is boring! #(%U#(%*(#*%(#(#%(((#($(%$(*%($! Hell is the place to be!
    Whoever believes in Jesus and turns from their sins and gets washed in His Blood.
    Whoever does good things like feed the hungry and help the poor and tithe and other nice things.
  • 4
    Who or what is the way to Heaven?
    Doing good things and being an overall good person is the way.
    ((#%*(#*(##(&#(&# HELL POWER!
    Jesus is the only way.
  • 5
    What washes away sin?
    Doing good works.
    Who cares? Sin RULES!
    The Blood of Jesus
  • 6
    You just returned a wallet to someone who lost it. It held $300 worth of cash. Will you go to Heaven?
    *$#*%&$#*#%&*! You kidding me? I KEEP the money!
    Yes! I most surely will!
    I will only go to Heaven if I have turned from my sins and received Jesus in my life and been washed clean in His Blood.
  • 7
    Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.
    $*&*$%&*$&%$**#**#! BIBLE THUMPING FREAKS!
    Amen! Jesus is the only Name! Salvation in none other!
    Baloney! I can get to Heaven by being good and kind and nice!
  • 8
    I John 1:7b and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.
    Praise Jesus! Only His Blood washes away sin so we can go to Heaven!
    **&*$%$*&%*$! SICKOS!
    Ewww! I don't need His blood. I'm already good enough!
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    Jimmy was a good man. He never cheated or stole or murdered or anything. He tithed to the Church. He lied a few times and disobeyed his parents. Overall he was pretty good. He dies and ends up before Jesus. What happens?
    He went to Heaven. Ok, so he messed up a few times. So? He was mostly good.
    Man if he goes to Heaven, I am going to freak! (*(#%*(#*%(#%#((#(#(#*#($(($#&($#&^($!
    He is sent to Hell because he never trusted in Jesus as His Savior and repented of his sins. He may have been overly good, but God will not tolerate even one sin into Heaven.
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    is Jesus the way to Heaven?
    NO! I am saved by my good works!
    Yes! Only by His Blood and Grace and His death on the cross and resurrection are we saved!

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