Are You Waiting For The Mother ship?

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This quiz will help you decide if your shrink is right and you really are crazy. Or...You should be watching the skies for the ship home.

  • 1
    When you watch television shows like the X-Files, or movies like Star Wars.
    You remember the prison guard shooting you into outer space in a silver egg.
    You are mildly amused by the pretty lights
    You remember the mothership is coming for you tomorrow!
    You almost remember where you left your communication pod
    You think Mulder or Scully is hot
  • 2
    You look in the mirror every morning and you see...
    a darn good looking human face
    green glowing antennae sticking out of your head
    something that scares small children and animals
    you forgot to put on the human mask again
  • 3
    Crop circles are....
    big circles of bent over hay or corn
    where the mother ship is landing on Tuesday
    symbols left by another planet's civilization trying to communicate with us.
    circles that college students make during spring break, when they're bored.
    the message that the commander said he would leave for you, so you could find your escape pod.
  • 4
    You keep forgetting...
    to hide your third arm when in public
    to set the VCR for reruns of X-Files
    to chew with your mouth closed when on dates
    to tie your shoes
  • 5
    When you fill out an application and it asks which languages you can speak
    you proudly circle English
    you just finished the Berlitz course on Chinese
    your parents were with the Peace Corps. so you circle five or six languages
    you circle other, they don't list zandoran as a choice
  • 6
    You and your wife plan to have kids
    You plan a romantic night and hope you get lucky
    she decides to skip the pain and you adopt
    she calls you at work to tell you she's fertile
    you carry the baby in the egg sac on your back and give birth in five days
  • 7
    Your friends ask you to cook them some soul food
    you cook up some chitlins and hog maws
    you take the last of the xando xian out of the freezer
    you order take out from a Chinese restaurant
    you cook some enchiladas and tamales
  • 8
    At Easter all of your friends are making themselves sick on chocolate
    you misunderstand and eat The Easter Bunny
    you hate chocolate!
    you are allergic, so you don't eat any
    You dip your neighbor in chocolate and eat them
    you are watching your weight, so you skip the fun
  • 9
    "Independence Day" is on cable
    you pop up some popcorn and invite some friends over to watch.
    you cry because the aliens in the movie are destroyed, and they were just trying to survive
    you turn, you've already seen it 20 times
    you realize that the mother ship is not coming now, because they saw the movie and think earthlings are hostile.
    you sit glued to the television waiting patiently for any shot of Will Smith's behind
  • 10
    It's the middle of the night and an eerie green light starts shining through your windows
    pack your bags, you are going home!
    you check your ice tea to make sure no one spiked it
    get your ray gun out of the closet. it's the enemy!
    you put on your beauty mask and go back to sleep
    make a sign and try to convince the aliens to turn off that darn light.

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