Which Kind of Christian?

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Which kind of Christian are you? Cold, Lukewarm, or Hot? If you are not a Christian, you may take this quiz for fun anyway. You just might learn something new. ;)

  • 1
    This morning you wake up. It is 8:00 am. Your Bible is on the stand next to your bed. How often do you read your Bible and what condition is it in?
    I read it every night and/or every morning. I have it highlighted/underlined. It isn't dusty.
    I have never read my Bible. Well, maybe a few verses here and there. Otherwise I pretty much ignore it. It makes a good decoration. Save it is pretty dusty.
    I read it once in a while. Maybe a chapter here and there. Not a whole lot.
  • 2
    You are sitting in the Doctor's office. You have a cold. This person sitting next to you notices your shirt. Your shirt says "Jesus is Lord". He asks you if you really believe that. What do you say?
    I turn red then I stumble trying to find the words, "Uh...uh...well...uh...no...no..I don't....this is my cousin's...he/she...is a real religious nut..but...I'm not...really."
    I look them straight in the eye and say boldly, "Yes I do believe Jesus is Lord. Yes Jesus is my Lord."
    I turn red and say, "Yes, it is, but I don't know if I really believe it or not."
  • 3
    The same guy asks you more about Jesus. How do you react?
    I take a deep breath. I tell him about being good and doing nice things.
    I tell him about Jesus death on the cross and resurrection and Hell and Heaven and salvation.
    I turn even more red. I just tell him that I don't know a lot and would rather not talk about it.
  • 4
    You are in another country. A civilian tells you that if you do not renounce Jesus, you are going to be killed. Now what?
    I say, "I believe in Jesus, and I am willing and ready to DIE for Him!"
    I say, "I really don't believe in Jesus!" because I am scared.
    I immediately renounce Jesus.
  • 5
    Back home, you come across crude pictures. They are right in your path beckoning you to look at them. There is a trash can, but it is a few yards down the block. What do you do?
    I grab it and look at it on the way to the trash can then I throw it away.
    I grab the magazine and look at the pictures. Who cares?
    I stomp on it, then I run to the trash can and throw it away. I don't take even a peep at the disgusting pictures.
  • 6
    How often do you worship God or go to Church?
    I go most every Sunday or any day I can and/or worship God on a daily basis
    I never worship God and never go to Church.
    Once a month or maybe on holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Good Friday, Easter.
  • 7
    Do your family and friends know you are a Christian and how do they feel about it?
    They don't know. They think I am still a non-Christian. I have never told them. They feel ok with it.
    I have told them. Some of them are ok with it, but the others harass me.
    I have told them. They think I am a hypocrite. I really don't know why.
  • 8
    How often do you pray?
    Does OMG! count?
    I pray constantly.
    I pray in emergencies.
  • 9
    What do you think about Jesus' Blood?
    I think it is great cause I can sin all I want. All I have to do is say, "I repent Lord. Forgive me." Then I am washed in His Blood. Then I can sin again and again and again and keep doing that. I can live in sin and get by with it.
    I respect it. When I repent, I mean it. I don't give lip-service. I do not believe Jesus' Blood should be used for an excuse to live in sin.
    I think it is gross and unnecessary.
  • 10
    You are around a group of non-Christians. They have been teasing you and tormenting you. Why?
    Because they know I am a Christian, and I have been telling them about Jesus.
    Because I am very red in the face and they caught me reading Harry Potter and they know I'm a Christian.
    Because they think I'm a Christian. Er, I mean I am a Christian. I just...um...never mind.
  • 11
    Speaking of Harry Potter? Is Harry Potter ok for a Christian to read?
    No, it is not. It is evil and Satanic.
    Yes, it is just fantasy. Big deal!
    Yes, there is nothing wrong with it. If anyone feels convicted, he or she can just say, "I'm sorry" then read it again, then say "I'm sorry" then read it again.
  • 12
    Nathan claims to love Jesus, but he is committing adultery. Does he really love Jesus or is he a liar?
    I really don't know. I don't even know what loving Jesus entails.
    He is a liar. If Nathan really loved Jesus, he would obey His commandments and not live in sin.
    Yes he does. Ok so he is committing adultery? So what? Isn't Jesus' blood so we can live in sin and get by with it?
  • 13
    Cathy is a friend of Nathan. She goes to Church often as she can. Sometimes she cannot make it. Those times she spends time seeking the Lord herself. She reads her Bible and prays continuously. When she sins, she repents and asks for His help to stop that sin. She also tells others to live holy. What do you think of her?
    She is a Pharisee. She is living in fear. She doesn't realize that Jesus' Blood was shed so we could sin and sin and sin and get by with it.
    She is wise. She knows that she will sin, but she does her best through His Power not to sin. She treats Jesus' Blood with respect and does not live in sin. She tries her best to live for Jesus through the Power of His Holy Spirit.
    She is a sissy.
  • 14
    Are you going to Heaven?
    Yes, I am going because I trust in Jesus' Sacrifice, I live holy, I obey His commandments, and I definitely do not live in sin.
    I am not really sure. I don't even know if I even believe in such a place.
    Yes. I have lived in sin all my life, and I don't plan on stopping now. However, I have prayed to receive Jesus, and I know His Blood was shed so I can live in sin and get by with it. So, yes I am going to Heaven.
  • 15
    Are you going to Hell?
    I don't know. Maybe. Does that exist too?
    No. I admit I sin and keep sinning. Yet because of Jesus' Blood I won't go even though I am living in sin.
    No, because of Jesus' Blood and His Holy Spirit helping me to live holy and not live in sin.

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