How easily do you get mad?

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Do you get pissed and scream from the simplest things? Or do you hardly/never get mad? Or are you somewhere in between... find out here!

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    There is a guy you have liked for a year and all your friends know, but just recently one of your best friends proclaimed that she also likes him. Then, today, both of you were walking with him, when she asked him out and he said yes, RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! How do you react?
    Are pretty mad but you keep it mostly to yourself
    Get pissed, scream, bawl, rip everything in sight, throw people down the stairs, stab knives into your mattress, write a 4-page note, bitch about her behind her back (and to her face, sometimes), and never talk to her again
    Smile, laugh, and be happy for your friend even though she did something bitchy
  • 2
    After you give that 4-page note you wrote to your friend, she gets all bitchy and turns most of your friends against you, you...
    Spread rumors, destroy everything in your path, become suicidal, and never talk to anyone again
    Are mad at them for a while
    Try to make things right with them again
  • 3
    Now that your friend and your crush are going out, she's being all giggly and annoying as hell and rubbing it in your face that she is going out with your crush, you...
    Just be happy for her...they are happy together and that's mostly all that matters
    Get kind of mad and calmly tell her that she is making you angry
    Attack her and tell her to shut the f%$@ up before you guillotine her head off, and then never talk to her again.
  • 4
    Now that they are going out you, she asks if you two make a cute couple. You say...
    no comment
    "f%$@ no, you stupid whore, how about you stop being such a f%$@ing bitch!" then scream until the whole school falls down and scream even louder when you find out you have to pay for repair
  • 5
    You are mad and all your friends are ignoring you and talking about your friend and your crush, since that seems to be a more interesting topic than how you personally feel. You...
    Slam your locker and give them dirty looks to subtly hint that you're mad without killing anyone
    Ignore them or be nice to them anyway
    Scream at the highest pitch possible and the highest volume possible, demolish buildings, slam lockers, stuff people into lockers, shatter windows, etc.
  • 6
    After all this other crap has happened, you wake up one morning to find a zit the size of an anthill on your face. You...
    Pound your fist on the counter, snarl, and begin to cry
    Pop it and ignore it for the rest of the day, or just leave it alone
    Break every mirror you see, surgically remove the zit with a butcher knife, and stay home from school
  • 7
    Once your zit dilemma is solved (or unsolved), there is a kink in your hair that wont f%$@ing go away no matter how much water, gel, hairspray, heat, and other such crap you put on the dang thing. You...
    Do the same thing you did with the zit (break mirrors, hack off your hair, and not go to school)
    Ignore it...probably no one will really notice
  • 8
    You found out your best friend spread a rumor that you made out with the nerdiest guy in school, you...
    Beat the hell out of her, push the nerdy guy off a balcony, and scream all the way home
    Shun her for a while and cry when you're out of sight
    Don't care because you know the rumor isn't true, and most other people are likely to figure that out too (why would you go out with him?)
  • 9
    You have just been called a bitch. You...
    Tell them to shut their trap
    Beat up whoever called you it, spread rumors about s/he, and give a nice nasty "F*** you" know it's not true
  • 10
    Where has your mascara gone? You find out that your emo brother borrowed it. But you already went to school without it and you looked like a decoded piece of crap. You...
    Forgive him...after all, mascara is essential to every emo's appearance...
    Tell your parents to ground him because he's a little jerk
    Yell at him for a while and then slam all the doors, windows, drawers, and cupboards in your house, beat him up, cry in your room, and never talk to him again
  • 11
    You have math homework after a bad day (your friend/ex-friend(?) and your crush are still going out). What do you do?
    Throw your math book across the room, it breaks a vase/window, so you scream, and scream even more when you have to help clean up the glass and you step in it
    Cry, tear pages out of your book, and burn them
    Just do the homework, get it over with
  • 12
    You cry so hard about your friend and crush that you pop 4 blood vessels in your eyes (on 4 different days). You...
    Give another 4-page rant, throw away everything your friend has ever given you, and slit your wrists
    Shun your friend for causing pain to your eyes
    Consult a doctor and get over it
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    Was this a good quiz?
    It was ok:|
    No, just thinking about these things (which have happened to me, by the way) pissed me off
    I liked it!:)

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tybris renaerts ( 30404 )
Posted 306 days ago
well at least i don't get too overly angry and hurt somebody