Hardest Lost Quiz

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10 Questions - Developed by: Katherine - Developed on: - 10.536 taken

Try this test... If your score ten you are well and truly Lost!

  • 1
    Rouseau, 'The French Chick,' had scribbled down the lyrics to a song. Shannon recognised the song from a movie, which she said was about...
    a Mermaid
    being lost
    a desert island
    a fish
  • 2
    After Hurley won the lottery, his brother's wife had an affair and left him. Who did she have an affair with?
    A waiter
    A bartender
    A truck driver
    A waitress
  • 3
    Naveen Andrews (who plays Sayid) is a British actor. As a teenager, he had a relationship with...
    His baby sitter
    A friend of his mother's
    A friend of his Father's
    His schoolteacher
  • 4
    In the airport before the flight, Michael made a phone call. Who did he ring?
    his father
    His mother
    Walt's mother
    his fiance
  • 5
    Sawyer went to Australia to seek revenge on the man who conned his mother. What was that man's occupation when Sawyer found him?
    He was selling shrimp
    He was a sailor
    He worked in a diner
    He worked in a gun shop
  • 6
    Kate visits her dying mother in hospital. What does her mother call her when she realises who she is?
  • 7
    When Jack's (future) wife is rushed into A&E she has been in a road accident. But what was the other victim of the crash driving?
    An SUV
    A bus
    A Mercedes
    A Porsche
  • 8
    In the bar at the airport, Jack meets a girl called Anna Lucia. What drink does she order?
    Tequila and tonic
    Gin on the rocks
    Tequila on the rocks
    Gin and tonic
  • 9
    Boone's mother is very successful in her profession. But what does her company sell?
    Wedding dresses
  • 10
    Who persuades Claire to have to baby adopted?
    her friend
    a doctor
    a physic
    her boyfriend

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