Simple Plan REAL Fan Quiz!

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Hey Simple Plan fan! Or Wannabe? Do the quiz you'll know more!

  • 1
    Who is Simple Plan?
    David Desrosiers, Pierre Desrosiers (They're Twins) Chuck Comeau, Sebestian Stinco, Jeff Lefebvre
    Sebastian Desrosiers, David Bouvier, Pierre Comeau, Chuck Comeau (They're Twins) Jeff Lefebvre
    Chuck Bouvier, Sebestian Desrosiers, Pierre Lefebvre, Jeff Comeau, David Stinco
    Joel Madden, Benji Madden (They're Twins), Paul Thomas, Billy Martin
    Jeff Stinco, David Desrosiers, Pierre Bouvier, Chuck Comeau, Sebestian Lefebvre
  • 2
    Who is their web and Merchandise guy?
    Patrick Blongleau
    Patrick Mikrowelle
    Patrick Cunningham
    Patrick Bouvier
    Patrick Jaime
  • 3
    Why did Jeff through the TV out of the window?
    He said David watches to much
    That wasn't Jeff
    He wanted to hear the sound when it falls on the ground
    He hated the look of it!
    He watched to much porn!
  • 4
    What is "The coolest thing ever, the coolest thing in the world"?
    Driving through Paris
    Watch Jeff's porn collection
    Fucking David (yeah...;-D)
    Feeding Kangaroos
    Peeing in the shower
  • 5
    What did David buy on the DVD?
    A big Heart for his girlfriend
    The bass from Mike Dirnt
    Condoms for Pierre
    New boots
    New flute
  • 6
    What does Pierre's mum hate?
    His favourite TV show called "Mickey Mouse & Friends"
    Pierre's porn collection
    David and Patrick
    Phone callings from Fans
  • 7
    What can you read on the back of Seb's guitar? (the white one)
    I love Alicia
    I love Pierre
    I love Kathy
    I love Jamie
    I love you
  • 8
    Why shouldn't we drink from the fountain?
    Patrick died when he tried it
    Why shouldn't we?
    Mom says it could be dangerous
    Pierre said it
    Simple Plan hates fountains
  • 9
    Who wants a girl which loves him more than he loves her?
  • 10
    Which song is it: "a girl in my bed that knows what to do"?
    My christmas list
    I'm just a kid
    Don't wanna think about you
  • 11
    How is it right?
    No Fizzles, No Dizzles... Just Kizzles
    No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls
    No Drugs, No Skating... Just Rules
    No Rules, No Police... Just Us
    No Girls, No Party... Just Gayness
  • 12
    And this?
    Still not getting any beer...
    Still not getting any drugs...
    Still not getting any chicks...
    Still not getting any...
    Still not getting any Love...
  • 13
    What song is it: Watching you fly away, i never liked you"
    Perfect World
    My Christmas list
    Me against the World
  • 14
    Which band is/was on European tour with Simple Plan? (January-March 2006)
    Green Frog Feet
    3 Day Weekend
    Good Charlotte
    Green day
  • 15
    Who sings "You don't mean anything" with Pierre?
    Mark Hoppus/Blink182
    James/3 Day Weekend
    Billie Joe Armstrong/Green Day
    Joel Madden/Good Charlotte
  • 16
    What did Seb learn on a Sightseeingtour in London?
    When there's no Pierre next to him he cries
    When there's a tree in front of you look straight on
    When there's a pigeon be careful...
    When there's no top on the bus it's windy
    Don't forget David
  • 17
    Who likes to sleep and think about nothing?
    Pierre and David
    Chuck and Pierre
  • 18
    Why is Jeff a pussy and who said that?
    He gets phone callings from his mom/Seb
    He can't slap/David
    He needs Pierre around him/All
    He doesn't drink Mexican stuff/Pierre
    His hair is a bit short/Chuck
  • 19
    What is ADD and who has ADD? (i bet you got informed...)
    The person can be pissed off very fast/Chuck&David
    The person is not very nice/None
    The person can`t concentrate very good/David
    The person can't see his back/Pierre
    The person can't write or read/Jeff
  • 20
    YEAH last one, very easy:
    where are they from?
    Los Angeles/California

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