Which Roman emperor are you?

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This quiz will attempt to answer this important question

  • 1
    You are the heir to the empire, yet the current emperor is now driving it to the ground. What do you do in this situation?
    I would lead the armies against him, while gaining support among the populous and senate.
    I will slowly ally myself with powerful men, until the emperor has no influence whatsoever. Indeed, I am his right hand man, and he would never suspect me of treason
    I would publicly speak out against him, while gaining the support of the military, so that he could not kill me.
    I would bide my time, while playing a "yes" man to the emperor. After all, he will probably be deposed one way or another.
    I would murder him in cold blood.
  • 2
    Now you have been named emperor, how do you accept this powerful title?
    I place another in this position, so I gain the benefits and influence yet he gains the burden
    In the name of structure and to save the empire, I would hold the position but be benignant to the people.
    Initially you refuse, but eventually accept the title.
    You allow the senate to vote you in, but this is only a mock election.
    I would accept it, and then murder all of my rivals to ensure no civil war.
  • 3
    Almost immediately a crisis begins, a rebellion in a far off land. How do you deal with this?
    I would allow the senate to take action, for it is their responsibility to send an army towards the rebelling province
    The rebellion would be crushed, and the people heavily taxed.
    I would destroy the rebellion with brute force, assassinate the leaders and decimate the population as a warning.
    I would deal with them in a firm but fair way. I would defeat the rebellion and grant a general amnesty, but if the province caused trouble again, no amnesty would be granted to the parties responsible.
    I would grant "independence" to the rebelling nation, but have complete control over it.
  • 4
    What title would you assume?
    Supreme Ruler of the Universe/God
    Dictator (not in the bad sense of the term)
    Commander of the Guard
    Leader of the Senate
    First Citizen
  • 5
    The people in Rome are rebelling in the streets, and the mobs are causing a severe problem. How are these insurgents tended to?
    I would provide "Bread and Circuses" to them, in order to appease them.
    I would listen to their demands, and attempt to compromise.
    Murder the lot of them. And then murder powerful leaders. They probably had some hand in it.
    Murder the leadership and drive off the mobs with the sword.
    I would concede to their demands. for they should be allowed to make them.
  • 6
    What building programs would you create?
    Theaters and Libraries to spread the arts.
    I would rebuild decaying cities and build roads and infrastructure.
    Temples to the gods. (and yourself)
    Barracks, to keep order.
    Beautification, and other buildings to make the people happy. And monuments to respect famous battles.
  • 7
    What are your strongest characteristics?
    Common Sense/Leadership ability
    Logic and Intelligence
    Divine Influence
    Influence and Power
  • 8
    What is your worst characteristic?
    Tendency to choose favorites
    Over confidence
    Lust for power
  • 9
    How did you grow up as a child?
    I was a bully
    I grew up with a limp or speech impediment
    I grew up with many friends
    I was a trouble maker
    I grew up with in wealthy conditions but was adopted
  • 10
    The barbarians have broken your armies on the Rhine, what do you do?
    Lead an army against them myself
    I work out a treaty, and invade Britain
    Massacre the barbarians
    I send armies from other parts of the empire to assist in defeating them
    Send a hated relative but beloved by the public to get killed by the barbarians.
  • 11
    Which battle do you most know about?
    Battle of Alesia
    Battle of Olympus (b/w titans and Zeus)
    Battle of Lake Trebia
    Battle Actium
    Battle of Teutoberg forest.
  • 12
    Your final will has been made, who inherits the empire?
    Me of course,
    The senate
    My adopted nephew
    My favorite grandson
    The co-commander

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Anon. ( 3.242 )
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Julius Caesar was a Dictator... not an Emperor